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LA Times & KTLA Showcase New Way to Save

Last night ScoreBig received some great coverage from the Los Angeles Times and KTLA. The Los Angeles Times Business Section feature focuses on how ScoreBig aims to help the sports, concert and theater industries sell more tickets. KTLA’s feature is all about the ways ScoreBig saves fans money. They also did a walkthrough of the site with our CEO, Adam. Both stories show the true win-win nature of our business. ScoreBig helps venues, teams, promoters and other ticket sellers put more fans in more seats. At the same time, we help fans attend more events by making tickets affordable. Join our waiting list to see for yourself what ScoreBig is all about. Or if you have a friend who is already a member, ask him or her to invite you From the LA Times story:

[ScoreBig’s] also striking the right notes with venues. Friedman, the former president of Nederlander, which books events for the Greek Theatre, the Pantages Theatre and other venues, said the service struck the right balance between offering enough of a discount to get reluctant consumers in the door and not giving away the store. “It had what I felt was missing in the ticketing business,” Friedman said. “That was the ability to dynamically adjust prices based on real-time data. The customer still gets a deal, but they’realso paying what they think is fair. And the promoter gets the most he can for the show. Everybody wins.”

Check out the KTLA clip below: [vodpod id=Video.5531509&w=425&h=350&fv=%26amp%3BtitleAvailable%3Dtrue%26amp%3BplayerAvailable%3Dtrue%26amp%3BsearchAvailable%3Dfalse%26amp%3BshareFlag%3DN%26amp%3BsingleURL%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fktla.vidcms.trb.com%2Falfresco%2Fservice%2Fedge%2Fcontent%2F219fcced-5277-42c7-964a-2c719f56f98a%26amp%3BpropName%3Dktla.com%26amp%3BhostURL%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.ktla.com%26amp%3BswfPath%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fktla.vid.trb.com%2Fplayer%2F%26amp%3BomAccount%3Dtribglobal%26amp%3BomnitureServer%3Dktla.com]

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