How to ScoreBig

Become a real ScoreBig insider with this quick tour that shows the nuts and bolts of buying tickets with ScoreBig.

Step One: Find an Event

There are two main ways to find an event on ScoreBig:

  • Browse – If you want to find an event on a particular day or at a specific location
  • Search – If you’re looking for a specific event


Click the “Browse Events” button on the home page.

Browse for an event on ScoreBig

Narrow your search – Are you looking for Sports? In New York? This weekend?

Check out your results – See anything you like?

Search Results on ScoreBig


Enter your event in the search bar on the homepage. It can be the team name, artist name, venue or city.

ScoreBig search bar

Check out your results – Do you see your event?
Narrow your search by location, category, date and more.

Colored deal tag – There are good deals available on this event. Click on Find Tickets to make your offer.

ScoreBig Deal Tags

Grey deal tag – We’re sold out of this event. Click on Alert Me to hear when we get more.

ScoreBig grey deal tag

Step Two: Pick your seats

Select the number of tickets you want by clicking on the number. Your seats will ALWAYS be together.

Pick the number of seats you want

Select where you want to sit by choosing a Seat Rating. Determine the location of each of the categories by selecting the Seat Ratings and viewing the seats on the interactive map.

Choose a seat rating on ScoreBig

The status of each seat rating is shown to the right of the rating:

Step Three: Make your offer

Use our guide to savings to determine your best offer.

ScoreBig Guide to Savings

Full retail value is listed. Use retail value and the latest deal to figure out the best offer per ticket.

Make an Offer

*Remember to place your offer for ONE ticket

You can play it safe and offer something close to the retail price, or get aggressive with a low offer. It’s up to you.

Remember, if your offer isn’t accepted you’ll need to wait 24 hours before trying again for the same Seat Rating.

Once you’re comfortable with your offer per ticket submit it.


Enter your payment information, apply promotional codes.

Click ‘Make This Offer’ to see if you Scored Big!

Enter your payment details

Step 4: See if you ScoreBig

When you submit your offer we will let you know if your offer has been accepted or not.

Offer accepted


Offer declined

If the answer is no – there is a chance we’ll offer you a counter offer so you can still ScoreBig – but hurry – it’s a time limited offer!

If you want to make some changes you can either change the Seat Rating or wait 24 hours to re-offer in this Seat Rating.

That’s all there is to it. Now, how about scoring some seats for yourself?

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