The Latest ScoreBig Wall of Fame Inductees

If you’ve read this blog before, you know that ScoreBig employees who reach their one-year anniversary have a jersey retired to the ScoreBig Wall of Fame in their honor. It’s our way of memorializing the contributions of everyone on the team. Every month, we get together to recognize the employee and see their jersey get hung in the rafters. It’s a fun moment and a great reminder of what makes ScoreBig such a special place to work.

We recently had a brand new class of inductees to the ScoreBig Wall of Fame that we’re excited to share with you. Here they are:

Jared Cutler, Manager of Operations – Philadelphia Phillies
Neil Griffin, Data QA – Minnesota Twins
Ken Lesnik, Vice President of Sales – New York Mets
Jeff Mercado, Technical Architect – Los Angeles Lakers
Chad Burbach, Director of Business Development – St. Louis Cardinals
Alison Burnham, Vice President of Pricing and Analytics – Team Canada Hockey

Here are a few pictures from the ceremonies.

The Latest Inductees

ScoreBig Wall of Fame Jerseys

Jared Cutler

Ken Lesnik and our CEO, Adam Kanner

Chad Burbach and our COO and CTO, Joel (left) and VP of Corporate Development, Matt (on his tiptoes, right)

Alison Burnham and our COO and CTO, Joel

Want to see your jersey up on our Wall of Fame? Check out our current job openings and maybe you’ll be up there some day soon!

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