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Our most recent company outing proves we aren’t kidding when we say we have sky-high expectations

Our most recent company outing proves we aren’t kidding when we say we have sky-high expectations

Here at, we are all moving as fast as we can to keep up with the rapid pace of our company’s growth. We are continually adding to ScoreBig’s all-star team to help us maintain the sky-high standards we expect of ourselves as we grow. Here are a few of our newest team players.

Emily Larson, Senior Manager of Marketing and Business Development is now overseeing many of our affiliate relationships. After growing up in the Pasadena area, Emily left to go to college at UC Santa Barbara (Go Gauchos!) and lived in Spain for a bit. Emily started her career in non-profit fundraising and events, but soon her interest in customer acquisition led her to marketing for Goldstar where she spent the last three years. Emily is currently enjoying living in a revitalized downtown L.A., and is happy to be living conveniently close to Dodger stadium.

Our newest Data Specialist is Erik Beltz, originally from Austin, TX. Erik first moved to L.A. for college at the University of Southern California where he graduated with a major in Narrative Studies and minor in Cinema. After graduating, Erik returned to Austin to work on his brother’s congressional campaign. According to Erik, it was a great experience, but made him realize that he was not interested in working in politics. Erik is very excited to be working at back in L.A. where he can get outside in his free time — traveling, hiking, and doing basically anything on or in the water.

Wilson Sun is another new member of the tech team. Born in Taiwan, Wilson moved to Los Angeles with most of his family in 2001. He has stayed in the L.A. area ever since, commuting to UCLA for his undergraduate degree in Computer Science. Before he joined, Wilson worked for Boeing in a rotation program where his job function varied from developer to systems administrator to business analyst to college recruiter. Outside of work, Wilson is working on a Masters degree through an online program on a part-time basis. With his remaining free time, Wilson enjoys going to Dodgers games, playing tennis, playing a few PC games and watching Formula 1 racing. His favorite read is the 3000+ page Game of Thrones epic. His dream vacation is to go to Texas and watch the new U.S. Grand Prix in person.

Rick Porter says he spends his days programming and nights hacking away at code, a very fitting life for’s newest Sr. Software Engineer. Previously, Rick worked for Accenture’s LA office where he had the opportunity to work with media companies including Fox Interactive Media, Warner Bros, and Sony. Rick grew up in Ohio, Texas, and Washington State, spending his early college years in Seattle. His travels have also taken him to Dresden, Germany and Thailand.

Software Developer Jeff Odle comes to with over 16 years’ experience as a software developer. His interest in software development started at a young age when his dad brought home development tools from his work. Says Jeff, “I started learning to program games and when I got a little older, built a few programs to pull answers to homework questions off the Internet. I started developing freelance at 18 and have been doing it since.” Born in Maryland, Jeff moved to Los Angeles at an early age and grew up in Santa Clarita, near Magic Mountain. He moved to North Hollywood about 2 years ago and can be found dancing at House music clubs when not working. The thing he loves the most is travel and explorer. Last minute plane tickets and a small backpack! It’s such a thrill.

Do you have what it takes to be part of’s all-star team? Click here to check out our current openings.

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