Dodgers Tickets Guide: Best Beers at Dodger Stadium

You just scored an incredible deal on Dodgers Tickets and now you’re enjoying a world-famous Dodger Dog.  The only thing to make this meal better is to wash it down with one of these cold beers.

Eureka Wit

This Belgian white ale is brewed at Angel City Brewery with a California twist. It has notes of candy and citrus fruits, and a Nelson Sauvin hop finishes it off. Reviewers say it has a yeasty or wheat tang, a semi-dry finish, and none to low bitterness. It’s available at the Think Blue Bars, located at each end of the concourse on the Loge Level.

Point the Way IPA

This beer is the Golden Road Brewing’s ode to Los Angeles’ hop lovers. It has a light malt body that elevates a citrus zest, with tropical and pine notes. Reviewers say the foam doesn’t last very long, the beer smells fresh and piney, and it has a bitter taste. Those who enjoy hops say the beer has a good balance of hops and malt, and a light bitter aftertaste. This brew is also available at the Think Blue Bars.

Brunette Double Brock

This traditionally styled German Doublebock has a rich structure and bold flavors. It provides a smooth easy-drinking taste and finish. It’s handcrafted with imported hops and chocolate malts, which creates a strong, refined brew. Reviewers say it has an unexpected sourness up front, a lingering aftertaste of subtle dry sour with a mix of sundry fruits, and a little over-carbonated. It’s also available at the Think Blue Bars.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

The company’s flagship craft beer helped lead the American beer revolution. Reviewers agree that it has a good head, spicy flavor, and is full bodied. Others have said it also has a sweet malty goodness, slight bitterness, is grainy, and has a whiff of hops. Enjoy it with a variety of food. Whether you like to fill up on Dodger Dogs or soft pretzels, this is a great choice for any beer drinker. It’s available at many concessions on the Loge Level.

DBA Pale Ale

This is the Firestone Walker Brewing Company’s flagship brew. It’s blended with beer fermented in stainless steel. It has a toasted malt aroma and a hint of oak and vanilla. There’s also a smooth malty middle with ribbons of caramel, English toffee, and toasted oak blended in. Reviewers say the malt gives it a kick with a pine bitter to balance it, has a nice amber color, and leave a slight bitter aftertaste. It’s available at Brooklyn Dodgers Pizza on the Loge Level.

Frozen Beer Foam


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Top your beer off with Frozen Beer Foam. Dodger Stadium has concocted its own unique way of keeping your beer cold: adding a frozen foam to the top of your beer. It’s served at 23 degrees Fahrenheit, comes out of a dispenser similar to an ice cream dispenser, and keeps your beer cold for a full 30 minutes.

The next time you take in a Dodger game, try one of these six beers. Consider which one you’d like when you pick up your Dodgers tickets.  Don’t forget to use for guaranteed savings below box office!

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