Dodgers Tickets Guide: Dodger Stadium Parking Tips

Baseball, like finding parking, is a game that rewards patience and careful planning (pro tip: plan to SAVE on Dodgers Tickets with ScoreBig!). Even though there are thousands of parking spots outside Dodger Stadium, finding the right place to park your car can be more difficult than you might think. Follow these tips so you can spend more time in the bleachers than the driver’s seat.

Get a Preferred Parking Pass

Dodgers Stadium offers Preferred Parking Passes for season ticket holders and the general public for $35 at the stadium or $30 in advance. One of these convenient passes will allow you to park in any of the 14 parking lots that sit directly next to the stadium if you’re a season ticket holder. But be warned, only season ticket holders will have access to all of them.

The general public can still buy the passes, but they will only have access to lots F and K. Still, this is a considerable advantage considering the alternatives.

Park According to Section

A little-known trick that more die-hard fans follow has to do with where you’re sitting. The advice is fairly simple, park on the east side near downtown if you’ll be sitting in an even-numbered section, and enter through Sunset Blvd. Enter on the Golden State entrance on the west side if you’re sitting in an odd-numbered section. Follow this advice to minimize the walk from your car to the stadium.

Arrive with Time to Spare

If you’re thinking about arriving five minutes before the ump shouts “play ball,” then you haven’t considered how much time goes into waiting in line, finding your seats, and getting situated.

Instead of having to rush around, try to arrive at least an hour before the game starts. This will give you ample time to buy a hotdog, take a tour of the museum inside the stadium, and find your seat. Attending a baseball game should be a pleasant experience, so give yourself plenty of time to relax and enjoy the wide selection of food and beer at Dodger Stadium.

Don’t Drive

If you’d rather avoid the parking headache altogether, simply stick to public transit. Stop by the Patsaouras Bus Plaza near Union Station or hop on the Metro’s gold line. There are a variety of options provided throughout the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area that will allow you to get to the stadium for free (so long as you have your ticket).

This is especially helpful if you plan on having a beer or two, or don’t want to shell out $10 for general parking.

Park Downtown

You can take a walk to the stadium by parking along downtown LA’s plethora of free parking areas. Streets surrounding Dodger Stadium offer plenty of opportunities of no-charge parking. The only downside? Prepare to hoof it for a good quarter-mile or more.

Consider Special Needs

Parking for individuals with disabilities is available in lots B, G, N, and P. Dodger Stadium offers a free shuttle service for disabled fans.

Nobody can see the opening pitch from their car. Plan your visit to Dodger Stadium to maximize your experience with America’s favorite pastime.

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