Mets Tickets Guide: Vegan Options At Citi Field

For all you Vegetarians and Vegans out there looking for Mets Tickets, boy do we have some good news for you! Baseball stadiums are notorious for their carnivore-friendly food items like hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, chicken, and more. Throwing on layers of cheese, grease, and other dairy products only complicate things for the vegan Mets fan. However, New York being the alpha world city it is, there are plenty of local vegan options thanks to international cuisine from all corners of the globe. Here are seven vegan options both in and around Citi Field.

Caesar’s Club


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Take a stroll between stairwells T and B behind home plate and you’ll find Caesar’s Club, a fairly straightforward lounge area complete with fresh salad options and a full service bar. The real vegan draw of this place, however, is access to Daruma of Tokyo, a sushi-centric franchise that offers vegetarian rolls and other Japanese-inspired vegan options, such as edamame.

Box Frites


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If you’re looking for truly vegan fries, Box Frites will be your safest best. A hungry vegan blogger stopped by Citi Field for a game and was pleased to find the fries at Box Frites were cooked separately from the meat options in vegetable oil and that all condiments are individually packed in plastic containers.

World’s Fare Market


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Buy some Mets tickets and you’ll get to stop by World’s Fare Market, a happy little vegan oasis complete with prepared salads, fruits, nuts, and fresh fruit. The salads themselves stay iced on a stand outside, keeping the mixture of blackberries, blueberries, mango, pineapple, grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew nice and cool for a hot summer’s day—and are fairly cheap, too. There is also a variety of fresh fruit options to choose from.



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Seasoned vegans may already be familiar with the animal-free options offered by Subway franchises the world over. You can locate Subway’s Vegimax Patty and Veggie Delite subs in sections 125 and 413. Don’t forget to ask the staff which breads are vegan, too.

Mama’s of Carona


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This Italian-themed location found in sections 105 and 415 has a handful of vegan selections, including pickles, peanuts, crackerjacks, frozen fruit, salads, and more.

Around the Stadium


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Various stands and vendors in most parts of the stadium will sell the Yves Veggie Cuisine spicy veggie hot dog, a great way to enjoy a ballpark classic without feeling guilt over how it was made. Be warned, though, that the harvest veggie burger by Yves is not entirely vegan. Beer vendors also sell drinks from the local Brooklyn Brewery in case you’d like to enjoy a vegan cold one on a sunny day.

New Bodai

If there’s one thing New York is famous for, it’s its international cuisine. Local Chinese restaurant New Bodai is the closest vegan option for food outside of Citi Field. They offer a variety of animal-friendly dishes from the far east such as tofu, dim sum, vegan rice rolls, and more. As a bonus, everything is Kosher-certified daily.

Baseball concession stands are much more than just hot dogs, hamburgers, and fried chicken. Vegans, too, can enjoy America’s favorite pastime with a full belly.

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