Nationals Tickets Guide: Vegan Options at Nationals Park

Vegan or Vegetarian looking for Nationals Tickets? Don’t let the 8 lb. “Strasburger” at Red Porch fool you—the owners at Nationals Park have plenty of culinary options for vegan fans. Their concession offerings are so diverse that PETA named them the #3 most vegetarian-friendly ballpark in America in 2013. Still not satisfied? Washington, D.C. has plenty of vegan eateries nearby. Once you’re done with the peanuts and crackerjacks, try one of these other animal-free foods you’ll find in and around the stadium.

Box Frites


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Box Frites has a reputation for cooking their fries in vegetable oil free of animal components or cross-contamination. They offer a well-cooked, tasty alternative to a ballpark American classic. Vegans who visit their locations in other stadiums know that they can eat without worry. You can find Box Frites in section 240.

Field of Greens

As far as vegan options go, Field of Greens in section 114 is going to have the widest selection to choose from. Veggie salads, veggie wraps, hummus with pita chips, fruit/veggie cups, and whole fresh fruit make for ideal snack choices while watching your favorite DC baseball team.

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw

If you haven’t got your Nationals tickets yet, there are plenty of vegan locations peppered around D.C. Located just a short distance northeast of the White House on L Street Northwest, Elizabeth’s Gone Raw is a tasty restaurant that features a 100 percent plant-based menu. Start off your meal with some pink banana squash soup with avocado, apple, and celery before you dig into the faux-Scallop and Porcini Risotto with royal trumpet mushroom, green papaya, and parsley. When you’re finished, Elizabeth’s has plenty of tasty vegan cheesecakes to choose from. The location is fairly popular downtown, so you might want to make reservations before or after the game.

Food for Thought Cafe

Take a stroll down 14th Street Northwest just north of Logan Circle and you’ll find the Black Cat nightclub, a hole-in-the-wall containing the vegan-minded Food for Thought Cafe. While not everything on the menu is completely vegan, items free of animal-cruelty are clearly marked. Vegan appetizers include french fries, nachos, fried zucchini, hummus with pita, and tasty black bean dip and chips. They offer entrees such as vegan lasagna, the black cat veggie burger, bbq seitan sandwich, tofu, and plenty more. The atmosphere is warm, friendly, and full of beer—a great place to end your outing at Nationals Park.

Galaxy Hut

If you’re passing through Arlington on the west side of the Potomac, Galaxy Hut is a great place to stop by while enjoying your stay in DC for the National’s game. Don’t let the bare bones website fool you—this Wilson Boulevard eatery has a plethora of vegan-friendly options. Every menu on the item can be cooked with vegan substitutes, so you can enjoy frankfurters, cheesesteaks, grilled cheese sandwiches, and more right alongside your carnivorous friends. They even cook their vegetarian and vegan options on entirely different surfaces, ensuring absolutely no cross-contamination.

While Nationals Park has a handful of vegan options, you can bring in outside food items (just follow the rules) so you can enjoy tasty eats during the game guilt-free.

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