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The Los Angeles Dodgers’ home is the 56,000-seat Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, Calif. The stadium was built in 1962, and is a huge part of the Dodgers’ history. Fans don’t just come to the stadium for its history, they come to watch the ballgame. Choosing where to sit at Dodger Stadium can be a game of its own.

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Some of the more luxurious seating areas offer several amenities, while the more economical seating areas offer the basics. The best way to make a selection is to use the seating map guide. It will help you find your seat as well as everything you need around your seat. Use this guide to understand how to use the map efficiently.

Lexus Dugout Club

An interactive seating map allows you to see exactly where the seats are, what part of the field they face, and how much they cost. The best seats are in the Lexus Dugout Club, but these are also the most expensive. They sit along the baselines, behind home plate, and next to the dugouts. When you enter the Club, you walk down hallways filled with both Brooklyn Dodgers’ and Los Angeles Dodgers’ memorabilia, as well as All Star memorabilia. The All-Star Trophy Room and Golden Glove Room are located here as well.

There is an abundance of food waiting for you to consume at Dodger Stadium, including the infamous Dodger Dog. The Dugout Club offers a full bar and restaurant-style seating and features a delicious buffet of Wolfgang Puck and Levy restaurants cuisine.

Field Box

Field Box seats are for MVPs and VIPs, and are also pricey. They sit you very close to the field as well. The Field Level provides Dodger Dogs, pizza, healthy foods, Dippin Dots, Chinese food, and Philly Cheesesteaks.

The Field Level Team Stores, located at the entrances on both of these levels, offer fans many more souvenir choices than ever before. Here you’ll find plenty of official L.A. Dodgers’ merchandise, including jerseys and caps, cups, mugs, shot glasses, sporting equipment, flags, banners, and school merchandise. When you need to cool off from the L.A. sun, take a stroll through the shop and find the perfect souvenir for you and your kids.

Restrooms are located in sections 16, 17, 32, and 33. Family restrooms can be found in the left and right pavilions or on the Loge level. Water fountains are located in Sections 28 and 29.

Loge Box

The Loge Box provides the best seats in the house for the money. They’re located behind the Field Box and offer views of the entire field. On the first base side of the Loge Level, you’ll find sandwiches, pizza, garlic fries, frozen yogurt, and, of course Dodger Dogs. The third base side of the Loge Level offers pretzels, gourmet sausage, a bar and grill, and Dodger Dogs.

The Loge Level also offers the Think Blue Bar at each end of the concourse. Here you’ll have your choice of several featured craft brands served up in a twelve-ounce cup. Choose from Angel City’s Brewing Eureka Wit, Golden Road Brewing’s Point the Way IPA, and Fireman’s Brew’s Brunette double bock. If you’re looking for a more subtle beer, many concessions at the Loge Level also offer Samuel Adams’ Boston Lager and Firestone Walker’s DBA Pale Ale.

Restrooms are located in sections 122, 123, 167, and 168. Family restrooms are available in sections 152 and 153. Water fountains are located in Sections 119, 120, 145, 146, 165, and 166. There’s also a team store on this level.

Club Section

The Club section still offers great views of the field at economical prices. It’s located on the same level as the Press Box and the Stadium Club. Visitors of this section have access to the walkway past the Press Box and Club, but won’t have access to the rooms themselves. Restrooms are located in Suite 210, Suite 225, and Aisle 237. Family restrooms are located across from suite 211.

Reserve MVP

The Reserve MVP Value section offers economical seats with several benefits. On the Reserve Level near the first base side, vendors include Wetzel’s Pretzels, Carl’s Jr., Farmer John Gourmet Sausage, Subzone, the Healthy Plate, and Dodger Dogs. On the third base side, you’ll find California Pizza Kitchen, Cantina Azul, garlic fries, sandwiches, and Dodger Dogs. Restrooms are located in sections 8, 9, 35, 36, 47, and 48. Family restrooms are located in sections 31 and 32. Water fountains are located in Sections 1, 8, 9, 29, 30, 42, 45, and 49.

Coca-Cola AYCE Pavilion

Seats facing the outfield in the Coca-Cola AYCE Pavilion VIP provides excellent views of the field and value pricing. It puts you next to the visitor’s bullpen. Restrooms are located in Section 302 and 316. Family restrooms are available in sections 315 and 316. Water fountains are located in Sections 313 and 314.

Left-Field Pavilion

Left Field Pavilion VIP also provides great views and prices. It puts you near the Dodgers’ dugout, and the Left Field Pavilion offers sandwiches and Dodger Dogs. Restrooms are located in Section 301 and 315. Family restrooms are available in sections 315 and 316. Water fountains are located in Sections 313 and 314.

Top Deck

The Top Deck VIP section provides the most economical seating at Dodger Stadium. Tickets sell for as little as $7. Top Deck offers Dodger Dogs on the first base side and frozen yogurt, Dodger Dogs, and sandwiches on the third base side. Restrooms are located in Section 1. Family restrooms are located in Section 1. Water fountains are located in Sections 1 and 3 on the first base side, and Sections 1, 2, and 3 on the other.


Elevators are located behind home plate and access all levels of the stadium. They are available at all times, and may also be used by disabled patrons to get to their seats anywhere in the park. Escalators are also located behind home plate, and are available to fans moving between the Field, Loge, and Club levels.

Baby Changing Tables

Baby changing tables are located in all restrooms at the stadium, excluding the two pavilions. For safety, you should pack your own baby wipes, and wipe down the station with a clean wipe before and after changing your baby.

Nursing Stations

Dodger Stadium patrons are welcome to use any of the family restrooms throughout the stadium for all nursing purposes. Again, family restrooms are located on the Field Level, in the Pavilions, and on the Loge level.

First Aid

If you are in need of medical attention during the game, go to the first aid center. It’s located behind home plate on the eighth level. If you have an emergency or need assistance, contact the nearest Dodger Stadium employee for help. They’re there to assist you.

Lost and Found

Fans can get crazy at Dodger games, and it’s possible during the craziness that you misplace something. If you notice missing items at all during the game, stop by the Lost and Found. You’ll find it located at the Fan’s Services Stations. On the Field Level, they’re located in Sections 52 and 53, near the exit gates. On the Loge Level, they’re located in Sections 152 and 153.

On the Reserve Level, they’re located in Sections 31 and 32. On Top Deck, they’re located in Section 1. In the Pavilions, they’re located in Sections 304 and 305. If you don’t notice you’re items are missing until after the game, go to the Stadium Operations office on the Club Level.


Every effort is made to provide safe and convenient stadium parking for Dodger fans. Pay close attention to the parking staff, who will help you find the right gate parking lot for your seating area. There are four main gate parking lots: Sunset Gate Lots 1 and 2, Golden State Gate Lots 3 and 4, Academy Gate Lots 5, 6, and 7, and Downtown Gate Lots 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

Each gate leads to a specific seating area of the field. Do your research ahead of time to be sure you’re pulling into the right parking gate. Moving between lots is not allowed, so if you make a mistake, you’ll have to exit and enter the entire stadium all over again.

Exiting the stadium requires you to leave from the same gate as you entered. Disabled parking is available in lots B, G, N, and P. Parking cashiers will direct those with the proper placard or license plate decal.

Now you have your basic guide to everything you’ll need at Dodger Stadium, and can find the locations closest to your seat. With this guide, you should have an easy time navigating the stadium to find food, first aid, and restrooms. Use the guide to select your seat based on prices and the amenities you wish to have nearby. The more expensive the seats, the more you’ll have to explore. The more economical the seating area, the less luxuries you’ll have. Do your research, and pick the best seat for you.

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