Yankees Tickets Guide – Best Food at Yankee Stadium

There’s nothing like scoring a great deal on Yankees Tickets to catch a game at the Bronx Bombers’ beautiful new stadium.  For Yankees fans, it’s a rite of passage. Perhaps the only thing that can top sitting in Yankee Stadium watching the game (for below box office pricing via ScoreBig) is enjoying all the delicious food they serve. Here are some of the delectable choices you can enjoy at the game.

Garlic Fries

The garlic fries are one of the most popular snacks at Yankee Stadium. The locals swear by them. You’ll find them available near first base. Fair warning, sometimes the cook can be a little excessive with the garlic. You may want to grab some extra napkins to wipe off any extra that may be too much for your taste buds. Another fan favorite is to add cheese to the fries.

Meatball Sandwich

Yankee Stadium makes one of the biggest meatball sandwiches you’ll ever see. Available at Great Hall, between Gates 4 and 6, this sandwich features a whopping baseball-sized meatball topped with steaming mozzarella cheese and rich tomato sauce. The sandwich is pressed flat to make it easier to eat the delicious combination.

Nathan’s Hot Dog

No baseball game is complete without a hot dog, and no hot dog is better than Nathan’s. Grab yourself a few of these delicious dogs at various vendors around the stadium. These foot-long snacks are great with any number of toppings, and Nathan’s has plenty to choose from.

Ice Cream

Another ballgame staple is a deliciously chilly ice cream treat, and Yankee Stadium features some of the best at their Carvel vendors around the stadium. Be sure to order the famous Yankee helmet collector ice cream dish, full of Carvel’s creamy soft-serve ice cream and topped with sprinkles.

Sausage and Peppers

Another New York favorite is the sausage and peppers sandwich. Yankee stadium makes a great one loaded with your favorite toppings, in your choice of sweet or spicy. They’re available at Premio, at Third base, field level.


Wouldn’t you love to enjoy a fresh, gooey cheesesteak sandwich at the game? Carl’s Steaks, located at Right field, field level, makes the best cheesesteaks in New York City. Lines can be long, but the vendor does a great job at keeping up with the orders. Trust us, the sandwich is worth the wait.

Brother Jimmy’s BBQ


New Yorkers know all about the infamous frat-boy style food available at Brother Jimmy’s. They can enjoy Brother Jimmy’s infamous fried pickles, along with other popular menu items, while taking in a ballgame. One of New York City’s 8 Best Barbecue Restaurants, Brother Jimmy’s BBQ is as much a part of Manhattan as Yankee Stadium.

More Great Snacks

Once you’ve eaten your fair share of mouthwatering foods available at Yankee Stadium, you may want to settle for a small snack near the end of the game. Some of the best treats available are candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar (Section 127A), fried dough (Section 127A), and New York Pretzels (Section 239).

The next time you take in a Yankees game, don’t settle for a measly bag of peanuts. Check out one (or more!) of these great options, and enjoy some of the best food Yankee Stadium has to offer.

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