Phillies Tickets Guide – Best Beers at Citizens Bank Park

Hanging in the stands with other Phillies phans and enjoying a cool beer on a hot summer’s day is one of the great joys of a baseball game at Citizens Bank Park – well, besides scoring an awesome deal on Phillies Tickets from ScoreBig! Many of the beers found at Citizens Bank are local to Philadelphia and the east coast. Hunt down during one of these brews during the seventh inning stretch the next time you’re in Philadelphia.

Flying Fish

Flying Fish Brewing Company, a dedicated team of brewers from Somerdale, New Jersey, bring their skillful creations to Citizens Bank. Their Red Fish line uses a combination of Columbus, Chinook, and Cascade hops from the cooler side of the west coast, giving the beer a hint of Rocky Mountain pine. The beer pros at the park chose wisely considering this Red Fish’s compatibility with things like brisket and cheese, not a far cry from Philly cheesesteaks.

Sly Fox


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Hailing from Phoenixville, PA, Sly Fox Brewing Company brings a local taste of the Keystone State to the ballpark. Their Pikeland Pils is widely available canned and on draft around the park, bringing a Northern German-style pilsner brewed with German and Czech hops to phanatics. Their other brew, the Royal Weisse, is only available on tap and packs the flavor of Bavarian hops in a medium-bodied ale chock full of honey and fruity tones.

Gluten-free Beers


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Citizens Bank Park has plenty of options to accommodate phans who’re looking for gluten-free drinking options. For example, Angry Orchard hard cider is made without gluten and available in cans throughout the park. Bottles of Redbridge beer, a gluten-free brew made with sorghum, a safe alternative to wheat. Woodchuck Amber, and apple-based cider, is also available for those with special dietary needs. Head to section 136 to find the gluten-free beer kiosk with these options.

21st Amendment Brewery


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If you were snoozing through history 101, the 21st amendment repealed the 20th amendment, effectively ending prohibition and allowing beer to floor to the good citizens of America. “Like Lady Liberty, we stand for independence and perseverance,” says 21st Amendment Brewery on their website. This is an appropriate selection to adorn a stadium just blocks from where the Declaration of Independence was drafted. Enjoy this summer seasonal with hints of watermelon flavor on hot days with your favorite Philly friends.

Alley Brewing Company

The Alley Brewing Co. in section 102 isn’t so much a single beer to look out for, but rather a full on beer garden. There are 18 different taps featuring some of the best in local craft lagers, ales, stouts, and more. This should be a beer buff’s first stop once they walk through the gates with their Phillies tickets. Examples of their offerings include Goose Island Honker’s Ale and IPA, Long Trail Pale Ale, Shock Top Belgian White, and more.

A dedicated fan by the name of Lee Porter designed a painstaking analysis of all the beer options in Citizens Bank Park, which is now used as a treasure map for all to follow. Be sure to drink responsibly while you enjoy America’s favorite pastime.

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