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Fans in the Bronx are not just looking for a good deal on Yankees Tickets – they’re also looking for a great deal of selection when it comes to beers.  It’s no secret that Yankee Stadium has taken a lot of heat this year for its “Craft Beer Destination” concession stand. The stand offered Blue Moon, Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy, Crispin, and Batch 19. First recognized by sports writer Amanda Rykoff, Crispin is actually cider, not beer. And, in fact, all beers at the stand are ultimately owned by MillerCoors. This disqulifies the concession stand beers from being considered “craft” as defined by the Brewers Association.

After picking up Rykoff’s story, news outlets like Deadspin attacked the stadium for its duplicity. However, NPR‘s telling of the tale allows us to take a step back and ask, “To a true beer enthusiast and baseball lover, does this really matter?”

As the foam settles, it’s clear to see there are still some awesome beers available at Yankee Stadium. Here are just a few:

Summer Shandy and Blue Moon


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While Deadspin focuses only on the fact that the “Craft Beer Destination” did not, in fact, sell craft beer, NPR quotes Rykoff saying, “I confess that on a hot summer day, I will enjoy a Summer Shandy on occasion, and Blue Moon is certainly a popular beer.” Okay, so calling them “craft beers” was stretching the truth to the breaking point, but at least the beers are good.

The NPR article goes on to question why the stand wasn’t selling beer from the famous Brooklyn Brewery or Brewery Ommegang, which is based in Coppertown. This is a good question, considering a local craft beer, Bronx Brewery Pale Ale, actually is sold in Yankee Stadium.

Bronx Brewery Beers

According to the blog Beertography, beer from the Bronx Brewery is available in the Hard Rock Cafe inside Yankee stadium. The caveat? You can’t take it outside the restaurant, so it’s no different from going to a bar to watch the game. Another oddity is that a 16 oz. can from the Bronx Brewery costs $9.00 if you order it inside the restaurant, but if you buy it on the outdoor patio it’s $11.00.

Still, many fans enjoy going to a local bar for a drink either before or after a baseball game, so it’s great that Bronx Brewery is available for them to do that. Beertography also noted, “[...] despite the caveats, getting Bronx Brewery represented in the stadium is just the beginning of the doors opening to more craft beer. Especially for one you can actually enjoy at your seat.”

Goose Island IPA

While still not a craft beer, the same Beertography article points out that the number of places selling 20 oz draughts of Goose Island IPA (India Pale Ale) increased significantly since last year. Although owned by Anhueiser-Busch InBev, Goose Island IPA is an excellent and popular pale ale — as the increased vendor presence clearly proves.

When you consider what is the best beer at Yankee Stadium, the issue only comes down to what you really want. Do you need to drink a craft beer, or do you simply want to drink a tasty beer and watch some major league baseball? If you prefer the latter, don’t let the controversy get in your way. Get your tickets, find your seat, sit back, and order a beer — because wherever there’s beer and baseball, it’s going to be a good day.

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