Cubs Tickets Guide: Best Food at Wrigley Field

With Cubs Tickets in hand, you can breathe a sigh of relief – Ah, game day at Wrigley Field. The sun is shining, the breeze is cool and refreshing, and the Cubs are at bat. What could be better? It’s time to lean back in your seat and… Wait, was that your stomach growling? Well don’t just sit there and suffer in silence. Wrigley Field boasts some classic Chicago cuisine you don’t want to miss. Let’s take a closer look at some traditional crowd favorites.

The Chicago Hotdog


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An American classic with its own unique twist, the Chicago hotdog is an all-beef dog, with relish, tomato wedges, celery salt, hot peppers, mustard, and a poppy-seed bun. Chicago hotdogs can be found on all levels of Wrigley field at food stands such as Chicago Dogs, Ground Crews and Brews, The Clubhouse, and more. Or, if you think the Chicago hotdog sounds a bit spicy, try The Works Loaded Dogs, which offers Frito Dogs, Nacho Dogs, Taco Dogs, Veggie Dogs, and Deli Dogs. Basically, the food stands at Wrigley Field have every kind of hotdog you could possibly want.

Deep Dish Pizza


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Chicago’s deep dish pizza is, perhaps, the most controversial food served at Wrigley Field. There is a great debate within the pizza loving community as to whether or not Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza pies count as pizza at all. At two to three inches thick, deep dish pizza certainly looks different from its thin crust, New York style pizza. It’s impossible to fold and is usually eaten with a knife and fork (blasphemy, as far as thin crust die-hards are concerned). Fortunately, there’s room in our hearts (and our stomachs) for both types and places like D’Agostino’s Pizza on the main concourse serve both.

Italian Beef Sandwich


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Sometimes described as Chicago’s response to the Philly cheese steak, the Italian beef sandwich contains strips of roast beef, delicious meet drippings, spicy pickled veggies, and Giardiniera or sautéed bell peppers, all served on a long Italian bun. The Italian beef sandwich has been around since the 1920s, so they’ve had plenty of time to perfect the recipe. However, if you’re hunting for the original, try Al’s Beef, which has a location in Wrigleyville, if not in the field itself. On the other hand, if you don’t want to leave the stadium, The Sheffield Grill also does Italian beef sandwiches to mouth-watering perfection.



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Maybe you don’t need a full meal. Maybe you just need a little finger food, so why not try some of Chicago’s best chicken wings?

Wingville, up in the bleachers section, has some fantastic options. Their jumbo wings are seasoned, lightly breaded, and then fried. They come in a tangy barbecue, Wrigleyville Ivy, or buffalo sauce sure to satisfy any craving – just be sure to stock up on your napkins, there’s no sense in staining your white Cubs uniform.

So, go ahead, treat yourself to some Cubs tickets and come on down to Wrigley Field. You’ll have a great time watching the Cubbies, and you’ll have access to the dietary wonders of all Chicago’s classic foods.

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