The Ultimate Yankees Tickets Buyer’s Guide

Yankee Stadium is a relatively recent addition, built in 2009. The stadium has a total seating capacity of 50,287 people. There are 56 private luxury suites and 410 party suites for ticket holders to enjoy. If you’re interested in an unforgettable experience, whether you’re headed to a game or snagging tickets to a concert, this venue can please.

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The seat width in Yankee Stadium ranges from 19″ to 24″. Leg room between rows is between 33″ and 39″. There are cup holders for your convenience in all but the general seating bowl. There’s one restroom for every 60 fans as well as 12 family style restrooms. The main video scoreboard is 59′ high and 101′ wide.

Row and Seat Numbers

An understanding of how row and seat numbers work is helpful to better envision where your tickets will place you in Yankee Stadium. The first seat in a given section is always located closest to the last seat of the previous section. If you have seat one, you’ll be on the end of your section that’s closest to the section prior. Most viewers prefer seats as close as possible to the center of the stadium.

To get as close to center as possible, look for seats with lower numbers if your section is left of the field line, and seats with higher numbers if your section is to the right of the field line.

Grandstand Level

Grandstand Level is the highest point in Yankee Stadium. As such, it’s one of the cheaper options, second only to the bleachers. If you’re on a budget, you’ll find that the view from the 400 level isn’t notably different from comparable terrace level seats below, and the price is set to please. If you’re looking for a quieter experience in the grandstand, get seats in section 407A or 433. These are designated alcohol-free sections and tend to play host to a more subdued crowd.

Terrace Level

Terrace level seating in the 300 section is just below the grandstand level, but comes at a higher price. Sections 311 and 312 or 328 and 329 have particularly good views at this level. Terrace standing room is available as well, but this is a choice best reserved for must-see games where you simply can’t score anything else. While you can snag a barstool or countertop in some terrace standing areas, jostling for a good view can get tiring long before the game is over.

The 300 section behind home plate is designated at the “Jim Beam” section. Tickets here come with admission to the Jim Beam Club. This has a separate stadium entrance. You’ll enjoy padded seats, a private restroom, and a lounge with special food options. While some of the menu options are more exclusive, they’re not included in the price and your snacks here will cost more than the options available in the stadium as a whole. Terrace WC seats for wheelchair access in sections 317-323 are located in the back of the Jim Beam Suite, but these ticket holders do not enjoy club access.

Main Level

In certain parts of the main level, you’ll enjoy seats that are the next best thing to field level, but with a much more manageable price tag. In 213, 214, 223, and 224, you’ll get a great overall view of the stadium for seats at this level. However, views are particularly poor in sections 205, 206, 233, and 234.

The area behind home plate on the 200 level is reserved for the Delta SKY360 Suite. This plush indoor lounge is a popular location for private receptions and special events. It includes leather couches, an outdoor terrace, and a four-sided cocktail bar for a truly unforgettable experience.


The bleachers are your most affordable option for seating in Yankee Stadium. Though they’re not known for comfort, they’re great for fans on a budget, and you’ll enjoy a sense of excitement and enthusiasm among the fans in this area.

You may also want to consider the following:

  • The bleacher creatures are found in sections 202 and 203 in the right field bleachers
  • Sections 201 and 239 have obstructed view seats
  • Sections 237 and 238 are above the away bullpen
  • Sections 201 and 202 are over the Yankees bullpen

Field Level

Aside from a suite, field level seats are offer the very best view if you can afford them. Regular field level seats in the 100 section go from section 103 to 115 and section 125 to 136. Standing room only tickets are available for certain sections at field level. These are listed as café seating. The sections between 116 and 124 are considered field level MVP seats.

Beginning in 2014, field level MVP seats are available as part of the Field MVP Club. Members will enjoy access to the Field MVP Club Lounge with an exclusive bar, climate-controlled lounge, and complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.

If you’re willing to sacrifice your view a bit in favor of a chance at catching a home run ball, the field outfield seats are an enticing option. These seats are found in sections 103, 104, 105, and 134, 135, and 136. These seats and several sections next to them keep you at the front of the pack. Though you’re set away from the action, you won’t have Champions Suite and Legends Suite sections in front of you if you’re anywhere between section 103 and 110 or 130 and 136.

Champions Suite

The Champions Suite sections were originally part of the Legends Suite section, but the high prices kept many of these seats empty so they were separated from the Legends Suite section and offered at a lower price. A fence down the middle of the stairwell separates the two areas between sections 13 and 14a on the first base side and between 27a and 27b on the third base side.

In the Champions sections, you will only have access to the moat in front of the three sections of your particular area, which is sections 11, 12, and 13 on the first base side or 27b, 28, and 29 on the third base side. You can enjoy the exclusive Ketel One Lounge behind first base seats or DKNY Lounge behind the third base seats. Champions Suite ticket holders do not get access to both lounges.

Complimentary food in these areas consists of pizza, hot dogs, burgers, cookies, and ice cream. You may also find more enticing fare such as pulled pork sliders or penne in Vodka sauce on different days. Food is served cafeteria style, but you can have alcoholic drink orders served to you in your seat.

Legends Suite

The Legends Suites are by far the best seats in the stadium. Located in the 00′s section, these seats are as close to the field as you can get. These suites are situated in sections 11 through 29, behind home plate. Section 20 is directly behind home plate with section 19 on one side and section 21A on the other. With tickets to the Legends Suites, you’ll also enjoy access to the Ketel One Lounge, DKNY Lounge, Legends Club, and exclusive entrances.

As the Ketel One Lounge and DKNY Lounge are also available to people with Champions Suite tickets, most people in the Legends Suite prefer to frequent the Legends Club. Complimentary food here is served buffet style and includes a full range of gourmet fare with choices like crab claws, risotto, halibut, and Wagyu beef tenderloin. Traditional stadium fare like hot dogs, popcorn, and ice cream are available in your seats.

The visitor dugout is beneath sections 22 through 25 and the Yankees dugout is beneath sections 14 through 17. Ticket holders have access to the moat along the front of the section. If you’re willing to shell out up to four figures for an unforgettable game and all-you-can-eat gourmet goodies, this section offers an experience you won’t soon forget.

Concert Seating

Seating in Yankees Stadium varies by concert, so you’ll want to check a map of the seats for your specific event before you pick the best seats. Outfield seating is generally closed off and additional seating options are added on the field. For a recent Jay Z concert, seating began at section 8 on all floors and ended at section 31. For Madonna, seating began at 7 and extended to 33.

If you can’t get a ticket on the floor, you’ll end up watching the show on the big screen anyway, so you might want to opt for seats closer to the center if you can manage them. If you’re in the back, you’ll have to settle for the excitement of breathing air in the vicinity of your idol rather than the thrill of actually getting close enough to feel the bass.

Yankee Stadium’s generous capacity means that there’s a seat for every type of fan, whether you want to look players in the eye, catch a home run ball, or see a game for just a few dollars. This location makes games available on any budget for every type of visitor.

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