Tigers Tickets Guide: Best Beers at Comerica Park

Days and nights get chilly in Detroit, even after you get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside after saving on Tigers Tickets with ScoreBig. The solution? Beer! What better way to stay warm than drinking an artisan craft beer while enjoying America’s favorite pastime in Comerica Park on a frigid and windy afternoon? The home of the Tigers is famous for its craft beer selection. Look out for one of these fine brews the next time you’re in the neighborhood.


Behind the doors of their Comstock brewhouse in Galesburg, Mich., the crew of Bell’s Brewery concoct their signature Oberon Ale. They use a signature house ale yeast and combine it with some spicy and fruity hops, creating a smooth summery ale great for days when the Motor City isn’t covered in several feet of snow. This is a seasonal selection, so you’ll only be able to catch it between March and Labor Day. You can also find Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale, Third Coast, Kalamazoo Stout, and Amber Ale at the park.

New Holland


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From the streets if Holland, Mich. comes Full Circle by New Holland Brewing. You can find a variety of their selections at speciality craft beer locations in Comerica Park. Full Circle, a kölsch-style beer, represents the “brewery’s belief in balance,” and features a well-tempered Mt. Hood and German Magnum hops mixed with 2-row wheat and German ale yeast. Or you could try the Sundog Amber Ale, a heavier, more autumn-inclined ale that has traces of caramel and nutty flavors made with local Michigan cascade hops.


Founders Brewing Company co-founders Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers have plenty reason to be proud because their brewery has been ranked in ratebeer.com’s top four for the past four years and earned seven World Beer Cup medals since 2010. You could try their All Day IPA, a complex yet balanced array of malts, grains, and hops designed to be “the ultimate companion to celebrate life’s simple pleasures.” If you’re looking for something “cozy like velvet,” you could try their Porter, full of thick, robust flavor reminiscent of chocolate and caramel.


Matt and Rene Greff were brewing craft beers out of Ann Arbor, Mich. since 1995. They’ve expanded both domestically and abroad since then, and now offer several of their selections at Comerica Park. The fruity and sophisticated Strawberry Blonde ale blends fresh strawberries, orange peel, and coriander with already flavorful Belgian medium-bodied blonde ale, creating an excellent summertime treat that goes well with barbecue and spicy foods.

Motor City

If you’re looking to have a good time, keep your eyes open for Motor City Brewing Works’ Ghettoblaster, an English-style mild ale with a “clean biscuit flavor.” Brewed right around the corner in downtown Detroit, the Ghettoblaster also has a companion CD focused on documenting local music. Unfortunately, you won’t find the CD in the stadium, you’ll have to head to their brewhouse on West Canfield to pick up a copy.

Many of the beers mentioned in this article can be found in Comerica Park’s Beer Hall on the main level in section 131. And of course, always remember to drink responsibly.

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