Lakers Tickets Guide: Best Beers at Staples Center

Although beer aficionados usually head to sporting events expecting to settle for tasteless, mass-produced beers, the Staples Center offers pleasant surprises that could tempt them to go back for refills throughout games – especially with all the savings you can grab by buying Lakers Tickets at ScoreBig. When you go to see the Lakers play at the Staples Center, keep your eye open for some of these tasty brews.

Green Flash Brewing Company


Image via Flickr by edwin.bautista

Green Flash Brewing Company, located in San Diego, often has a guest beer at the Staples Center. The Green Flash IPA is probably the most popular option. This over-hopped beer has a ton of citrus flavors that balance the hoppy bitterness. If you only have one beer at a Lakers game, make it a Green Flash. You will not leave disappointed.

Golden Road Brewing Company

Golden Road Brewing Company is about as local as it gets. With a brewery located on West San Fernando Road in Los Angeles, it must not take long for the brew masters and their crew members to drop off kegs of their Point the Way IPA, one of the breweries most popular options.

Like many beers from Southern California, Point the Way IPA has enough hops to practically bruise your tongue. With 5.9 percent alcohol, though, basketball fans can enjoy one or two without feeling too boozy to drive home.

Goose Island

The Staples Center doesn’t serve local beers exclusively. It has craft beers from all over the country. That includes a selection from Goose Island in Chicago. Honker’s Ale differs from Southern California ales. Instead of concentrating on a blast of hops, it balances fruity hops with a rich malt.

Considering that this beer goes great with burgers and fries, it’s an obvious choice for the Staples Center. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a burger and beer while watching the Lakers take down their latest competitor?

Anchor Brewing

Anchor Brewing, which calls San Francisco home, has grown into a craft beer recognized by people all over the country. Even people who don’t consider themselves beer snobs have heard of its flagship Anchor Steam beer.

The Staples Center mixes it up a bit by bringing in a variety of beers from Anchor. It will serve the traditional Steam beer at times. A week later, though, it might have the porter on tap. No matter which Anchor beer they have at the time, it’s worth grabbing a pint.


Speakeasy, also located in San Francisco, usually has a beer on tap at the Staples Center. It’s most popular option is the Prohibition Ale, so that’s probably what you’ll end up finding during a game. Prohibition Ale is an America-style amber ale with three kinds of hops, three types of barley, and, not surprisingly, California ale yeast.

With 6.1 percent alcohol, it won’t knock you on your butt, but it will give you a little pep to cheer on the Lakers.

If you have difficulty finding a good craft beer at the Staples Center, look for the Tap Haus, a beer and bratwurst joint that has over a dozen beers on tap. You can also find craft beers in bottles and cans at other concession stands.

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