Lakers Tickets Guide: Best Food at Staples Center

If you want to find the best food to enjoy before, during, or after a Lakers game at the Staples Center, this guide, paired with your Lakers Tickets, will make for an amazing night! You’ll find that you have plenty of options. Whether you choose to eat at the Staples Center or one of the nearby restaurants, you’ll find excellent dishes when you know about your options ahead of time.



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Outtakes has one of the most diverse menus of any restaurant at the Staples Center. You can find everything from sushi and turkey pastrami sandwiches, to hummus and organic pumpkin seeds. Outtakes is located on the main concourse next to section 104.

If you follow a kosher diet, this is definitely the place for you. The restaurant devotes an entire section of its menu to kosher dishes. Other food you might enjoy at Outtakes includes:

  • Mrs. Fields Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches
  • fresh edamame
  • spinach wraps
  • nicoise salads
  • dark chocolate bars

You can’t do better than that without leaving the arena.

California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen also has some excellent foods that you can enjoy without leaving the Staples Center. You’ll expect to find options such as the:

  • traditional cheese pizza
  • original BBQ chicken pizza
  • sausage-pepperoni-mushroom pizza

But you might not expect the:

  • BBQ chicken chopped salad
  • spinach artichoke dip
  • penne with marinara

Other than a few exceptions, you have access to the full California Pizza Kitchen menu. That’s quite impressive for a restaurant located at a sports center.

Tap Haus


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As the name suggests, Tap Haus has over a dozen craft beers on tap to quench the thirsts of sports fans who prefer to enjoy a beer while watching the Lakers. Tap Haus also has plenty of foods that will satisfy your appetite (and absorb some of the booze you imbibe during the game). Favorites include:

  • bratwurst
  • bockwurst
  • chicken apple sausage sandwiches

The small concession stand also has candy, caramel corn, and other treats. You know that your friends are going to ask you to grab them drinks when you mention your plans. Luckily, Tap Haus is located in the main concourse, so you won’t have to carry your tray of beers far.

Beyond the Whistle Stop

If you’re in the mood for a delicious sandwich, make Beyond the Whistle Stop your first choice at the Staples Center. This sandwich shop has:

  • turkey
  • pastrami
  • a french dip
  • cole slaw
  • potato salad

It’s not exactly fine dining, but it’s often the perfect meal during a basketball game. The sandwiches are easy to carry and delightful to eat. Plus, they come with kettle style chips that offer a crunchy counterpoint to every sandwich.

Do you usually eat at restaurants inside the Staples Center when you go to a Lakers game, or do you prefer visiting one of the nearby restaurants? Share your favorites with others so they can discover new options that will fuel them before an action-packed game.

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