Tigers Tickets Guide: Vegan Options at Comerica Park

Vegans heading to Comerica Park with Tigers Tickets in hand might worry that they don’t have any food options. There’s no need to worry. The ballpark has a few snacks that you can enjoy. You can also visit nearby restaurants for completely vegan meals that will keep you fueled for the game.

Asian Tiger

Asian Tiger, located in the Big Cat Food Court, has a veggie stir fry that vegans can eat at Comerica Park. The food stands convenient location and delicious offering makes it one of the most popular spots for vegan.


Big Cat Food Court’s Mexican also has a lunch or dinner option for vegans. Try the soft tacos with beans or veggies from the fajita wrap. Just make sure you tell them not to add any cheese or sour cream. That will turn your vegan delight into a big serving of dairy.


Most customers go to Sliders for its tiny hamburgers, chicken wings, and Coney dogs. Vegans will obviously want to avoid those options. The Main Level restaurant also has fresh cut French fries, onion rings, and garlic fresh cut French fries. You won’t get a whole meal, but the generous servings should keep you satisfied through the game. Besides, who can say “no” to garlic fries?

Angelina Italian Bistro


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Across from the Southwest corner of Comerica Park, vegans can dine before a game. Vegans can always count on Italian restaurants for one or two options. Angelina Italian Bistro has anitpasti, salads, and pizzas that will match your vegan appetite. Some of the menu’s top vegan dishes include:

  • spinach salad
  • salad di Giorno
  • bibb lettuce salad
  • house pickled vegetables (beets, cucumbers, chilies, and fennel)
  • house-made pizzas (ask for it without the cheese)

Small Plates

Also near the stadium, Small Plates has a few vegan items that can satisfy your rumbling stomach before or after a Tigers game. Try the signature hand-cut fries, sweet potato fries, or fried green tomatoes. Small Plates also has several salads that can meet vegan requirements with slight alterations.

Unfortunately, the pizza at Small Plates has cheese baked into the crust, so ordering it without mozzarella on top won’t make it vegan.

Al’s Paradise Cafe

Al’s Paradise Café is one of the top spots near Comerica for vegans. This Mediterranean restaurant has plenty of options for vegans, vegetarians, and meat-lovers. If you have a diverse group of friends who want to grab dinner before or after a game, this is a popular option.

Some vegan dishes on the menu include:

  • falafel pita
  • hummus pita
  • veggie grape leaf
  • spicy home fries with peppers and onions
  • veggie stir fry

Al’s Paradise Cafe also has a couple veggie combos that will give you a taste of several vegan dishes.

Vegan sometimes have a hard time finding good food at sporting events, but the Comerica Park area has plenty of options. What are some of your favorite vegan dishes in the area? Are there certain restaurants that you’ve learned to love?

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