Texas Rangers Tickets Guide: Vegan Options at Rangers Ballpark

Baseball-loving vegans will want to plan their Rangers Tickets with them and explore the restaurants in the surrounding area. The ballpark has a few vegan options to enjoy, but the best vegan dishes come from nearby restaurants. Explore your options now so you can make an informed decision that will keep you focused on the game instead of wondering where you’ll find something to quiet your growling stomach.

Vegan Food Options at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

If you find yourself looking for a snack during a Texas Rangers game, you have over 100 concession stands and restaurants to consider. Delaware North Sportservice operates all the concessions at the Rangers Ballpark. The company offers the following vegan options:

  • fresh waffle fries (including garlic fries)
  • peanuts
  • popcorn (ask for it without the butter topping)
  • whole dill pickles
  • almonds
  • kettle corn
  • pistachios
  • warm roasted nuts

So, you have plenty of snack options, but you won’t find any full meals for vegans, not to worry, there are plenty of nearby restaurants that you can visit for vegan dishes.

On the Border Mexican Grill and Cantina

On the Border Mexican Grill and Cantina offers fast Mexican food before and after games. The restaurant has an extensive vegetarian menu, but not all of those dishes are vegan so you’ll want to look closely before placing your order.

Some vegan options include:

  • chips and salsa
  • guacamole
  • Guacamole Live (made fresh at your table so you know exactly what goes into it)
  • sizzling fajita salad (skip the cheese and sour cream)
  • citrus chipotle chicken salad (substitute grilled veggies for the chicken)
  • avocado fries, a unique serving of lightly fried avocados

When in doubt, always ask your server for more information. Some of these dishes are only vegan when you order them with substitutions.

Panda Express


Image via Flickr by Rooey202

Panda Express has fast Asian cuisine within walking distance of the Texas Rangers ballpark. While the restaurant only has a few vegan dishes, they are quite good. They’re also nutritious and filling, which should appeal to health-conscious vegan who don’t want to get hungry halfway through a game.

When eating at Panda Express, consider the:

  • mixed veggies
  • eggplant tofu
  • kung pao chicken (replace the chicken with tofu)

In addition to replacing the kung pao chicken with tofu, you can substitute tofu for meat in most of Panda Express’s dishes. This expands your dining options significantly.

Skillman Wok of Arlington

Just one-mile from the Ballpark in Arlington, Skillman Wok offers plenty of dishes that vegans can enjoy. This quick restaurant has extremely affordable prices, so it’s also great for anyone who wants to save some money.

Top vegan options at Skillman Wok include:

  • tofu with vegetable soup
  • broccoli with hot garlic sauce
  • kung pao vegetables
  • vegetable mu shu Chinese fajitas

All of the entrees come with an egg roll. If you have a non-vegan friend with you, pass it along.

What are some of your favorite restaurants near the Rangers Ballpark at Arlington? Which ones have the best vegan dishes?

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