Hurricanes Tickets Guide: Best Beers at PNC Arena

Once you and your friends get ahold of some Carolina Hurricanes tickets, explore PNC Arena’s many concession and drink options. The 700,000 square foot arena, formerly known as the RBC Center, is home to the Carolina Hurricanes, who were the Stanley Cup champs for the 2005-06 season.  Try one of these excellent ice-cold beers the next time you’re watching Carolina’s favorite hockey team.

Aviator Brewing Co.

Aviator Brewing Company has been brewing beer ever since they installed a boil kettle and mash turn machinery in an old North Carolina aircraft hangar in 2008. Now located in Fuquay Varina, N.C., they supply an ample amount of their Devils Tramping Ground Tripel on tap at PNC Arena. Devils is a hearty Tripel ale brewed in a Belgian fashion that has spicy and fruit tones balanced with a bit of sweetness thanks to added candy sugar. This beer is a bit on the heavier side boasting a strong 9.2 percent alcohol content.

Natty Greene’s

Another local favorite, Natty Greene’s operates in the same neighborhood as PNC Arena, just a few blocks away in downtown Raleigh. They bring their Buckshot Amber Ale to Carolina Hurricanes games. Buckshot is a year-round brew good for any occasion and “easy to get along with.” Natty Greene’s uses six different malts when creating Buckshot, lending it roasted toffee notes. To top it all off, they filter the beer one last time to extract much of the leftover yeast and proteins, creating a more vibrant, pleasing drink.

Foothills Brewing


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Crafted out of Winston-Salem, Foothills Brewing’s beer has been around since 2004. You can get a taste of their Carolina Blonde, a cream ale on the lighter side and a relative newcomer to the PNC Arena. The Foothills Brewing crew uses a mix of two barley, wheat, and noble hops to create a clean, refreshing drink. A wonderful addition to America’s favorite sport on ice. Drink up because it’s only 3.8 percent alcohol.

Carolina Brewing Company


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A group of savvy craft brewers from Seattle relocated to Raleigh in the mid 1990s, hoping to get a foothold in a relatively untapped craft beer market (and probably to get out of the depressing months of rain, as well). Shortly after, Carolina Brewing Company was born. You can try their Carolina Pale Ale, a local favorite backed by 18 years of North Carolina brewing history. Using a variety of American hop, this beer has a clean taste and pleasing bitterness. It’s also rumored that someone filled the 2006 Hurricanes’ Stanley Cup with the beer and drank from it.

Redbridge (Gluten Free)

If you want a refreshing beer but have special dietary needs, you could grab a bottle of Redbridge. It’s a line of gluten-free beers under the Anheuser-Busch corporate umbrella. Since the brewers make the beer with sorghum, fans with gluten or wheat allergies can drink guilt-free and enjoy a nice cold one with their friends as well.

A beer with friends at the game is great, but always be sure to drink responsibly.



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