Nuggets Tickets Guide: Best Beers at Pepsi Center

Once you get your Nuggets Tickets, you might want to find a cold, refreshing beer while you scream for your favorite NBA team. Luckily, the Pepsi Center in Denver has plenty of spots that sell a variety of local and regional beer choices.

Club Level

If you have a Club Level ticket, you can visit the Denver Post Newsroom and sip a Blue Moon or Killian’s Irish Red. You can also relax in the lounge and watch one of the many television screens, which will each play a different sporting event, and order a meal that goes well with your beer, such as a beer brat or Panini sandwich. If you don’t want to miss a minute of the basketball game, there is also an overhead view of the court.

Brooklyn’s at the Pepsi Center

If you prefer more unique beers, you can visit Brooklyn’s, which is located at the Pepsi Center. They have Guinness Stout and AC Golden Colorado Native Amber Lager on tap. The Colorado Native is unique since it contains only locally sourced ingredients, and the caramel and pale malts provide a full-flavor beer. It has a slight fruit flavor along with a citrus scent, and it tastes great with your favorite snacks. Guinness Stout is an Irish favorite, with a dark color and a crisp and bittersweet taste that many fans love.

Land Rover Denver Club


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Also located on the Club Level, the Land Rover Denver Club offers comfortable seating for up to 125 guests. They serve local craft beers that pair well with the delicious dishes available. The restaurant obtains the latest brews from Avery Brewing in Boulder, Breckenridge Brewery, Left Hand Brewery in Longmont, New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, and Tommyknocker Brewery in Idaho Springs. The chef at the Land Rover Denver Club changes the menu frequently, with inspiration from local favorites, such as the Denver chicken cheese steak sandwich, truffle fries, freshly carved sandwich station, and Colorado bison flatbread.

Other Drink Options

If you prefer, the Pepsi Center has various bars that stock other types of liquor. You can order a mixed drink instead of beer, and the bartenders can create traditional martinis or local favorites that you can sip while you root for the Nuggets.

The Ridgeline

If you want to take in a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains and downtown Denver while you drink your beer, make sure to visit The Ridgeline. This restaurant features floor-to-ceiling windows where you can see all angles of Denver, and during winter months, you can see all of the snow in the mountains and on rooftops. They have specialty and craft beers available, which go well with their menu choices.

When you come to a Denver Nuggets game, you can enjoy a frosty beer while you cheer for your favorite players. With plenty of choices for beers, you can select from a local favorite from a brewery in the area, or a selection from the top brands that you can enjoy anywhere in the country.

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