Nuggets Tickets Guide: Vegan Options Around Pepsi Center

Denver residents and visitors often enjoy cheering for the local NBA team, so if you are browsing for Nuggets Tickets, you can also check out vegan meal options nearby. Following a vegan diet can benefit a person’s health and cholesterol levels, as well as help animals by not consuming products that come from them. If you follow a vegan diet, visit one of these restaurants in the Denver area before the big game.

Steuben’s Food Service

Steuben’s Food Service is one of the local favorites that offers vegan options, including tasty sides, main dishes, and desserts. Steuben’s came from Boston, where it was a popular nightclub with performances by The Rat Pack, Sweet Sixteens, and more big bands from the 1940’s to 1960’s. The restaurant is just two miles from the Pepsi Center, where the Denver Nuggets play.

Root Down

For fans of a unique dining experience, Root Down is a great option. The founder focuses on the connection between the diner and the meal, with flavor combinations that stimulate the senses. Chefs use locally grown, organic, and natural ingredients, and they offer wine pairings that go perfectly with the meals. As the seasons change in Denver, the restaurant creates new menu items that capture the essence of the cold or warm weather outside. These items include soups, salads, entrees, and appetizers that diners can share.

Watercourse Foods

This unique restaurant is a popular choice for brunch or lunch, so it’s a fun spot to visit before day games. The menu includes vegan milkshakes, natural sodas, fresh hot tea, and delicious scrambles made with tofu, fresh local veggies, and herbs that enhance the flavors. One of the most popular choices is vegan French toast, grilled and served with roasted walnuts and fresh fruit. The restaurant also participates actively in the community, donating 10-15% of profits to local charities on specific dates.


Linger is a great restaurant to visit before a Nuggets game, since it has a rooftop patio where you and your fellow fans can, well, linger and analyze the players before tip-off. Their menu contains “street food” which combines various cultural elements to create flavorful and fresh-tasting entrees. Linger’s menu categorizes the dishes by what region they draw inspiration from, which makes it a fun culinary trip around the world. They use healthy and vegan ingredients, such as quinoa, lentils, beans, veggies, and fruits in the unique soups, salads, and entrees.

Farm to Fork


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In 2012, the Pepsi Center chef joined Levy Restaurants’ “Farm to Fork” program, which uses local produce in a range of healthier and vegan-friendly menu choices. They also continue to add new menu items, so basketball fans never have to eat the same thing twice. The chef creates dishes that have delicious flavors that draw on inspiration from culture in the surrounding area.

You don’t have to sacrifice your commitment to being vegan just because you are a sports fan. Any of these restaurants offer delicious meal options that you can munch on before the game starts.

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