Celtics Tickets Guide: Best Beers at TD Garden

It doesn’t take much to make a Celtics Fan Happy – Celtics Tickets, a competitive team, and some awesome food and drinks to complement your seats.  So, what better place for beer than at a Celtics game? The Celtics have some of the most supportive fans in the entire league, so they should offer great beer for those fans with Celtics Tickets. Luckily, they do.

So what are the best beers at the arena, and what’s so great about them? Check out the following to learn it all.



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Lagunitas gets the first spot on this list because it has been loved for so long. Something has to be said about a beer that you don’t get tired. It’s pretty easy to get sick of a beer and move on to something else, especially when it’s not a domestic beer, and especially when you have so many options.

It’s flavor cannot be matched by any other mass-produced IPA. In addition, since the arena has the beer on tap, you’ll experience it in all its glory. Bask in the awesome hoppy deliciousness of this California-made beverage, just make sure not to spill any of it on your Celtics Tickets.

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada stands as a “legendary grandfather craft,” meaning it has been used as a prototype for many other beers like it. It’s nice because it tends to find acceptance just about anywhere, among all groups of people from different generations. Even brewers don’t have many complaints about it, and if you know brewers, they tend to have finicky tastes. Like Lagunitas, it guarantees consistent quality, so you can safely ask for one without worrying that you’ll regret it. This beer also comes from California. The TD Garden must know where good beer comes from.


You’ll find Allagash on tap as well. The Allagash White beer looks like a beautiful straw yellow liquid, close to opaque, because of the unfiltered style of brewing. It smells strongly of lemon and coriander, but also a bit of citrus, sweetness and spiciness. It tastes delicious with sweet fruity flavors and wheat barely noticed by your tongue.

It’s clean, it’s crisp, yet it feels creamy in your mouth. People find this beer particularly easy to drink, which sounds appealing at a sporting event. As delicious as other beers can be, you may not want to spend all your time terribly focused on the many flavors of your beer during the game.

Original Sin Cider

This isn’t exactly a beer, but it often gets sold and drank right along with beer. Plus, it’s fermented and has alcohol, so it can be include it on this list. Beer advocate even reviewed it, so it stands among beer even by the experts.

Original Sin Cider has a light, fizzy and bubbly look when poured into a glass. Some say it practically looks like a champagne when looking at it initially. It’s softly tart, but with a bite. A great alternative option to regular beer, if you’re looking for something slightly different. In addition, it’s on tap at the arena so you know you’ll get the best possible flavor out of it.

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