Celtics Tickets Guide: Best Food at TD Garden

One cool thing about Boston is that they love their teams. Boston has some of the most die-hard fans with Celtics Tickets in the entire Country, and you know how the United States can get when it comes to their sports teams. At least it’s not like the international rivalry of soccer, right?

Nevertheless, having great fans means you’ve got to give back somehow. The TD Garden does this by providing excellent food options. From concessions to lounges, bars to dining rooms, they have several selections for patrons while they enjoy their sporting experience. Check out some of the best of these options.

So you’ve got your Celtics Tickets, your beer, your friends/family, but now you need some food. The TD Garden makes a point to emphasize the fact that all of their food items don’t get cooked in peanut oil, and peanuts sold there are prepackaged, so if you have an allergy, you shouldn’t have to worry. They also avoid using trans-fat.

The Frank House


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So which concessions do people like best? The Frank House stands as the arena’s “most prevalent concept throughout the Garden,” where you can buy Kayem Hot Dogs. They come plain, with chili, cheese and jalapeno peppers, or even “loaded Nacho Grande.”

Sal’s Pizza

It’s hard to have a sports place that doesn’t offer pizza at all. Like the hotdog, it’s a staple food for events. Sal’s offers a great option for pizza that’s freshly baked.

The Links Grill

If you like sausage, and you don’t get your fill from a hotdog, The Links Grill is where you need to go. They serve Old World Italian sausages with pepper and onions and just about any sausage/dog topping you can think of. Of course, they still have all beef hotdogs if you can’t get enough of those.

West End Chicken and Brew

How delicious does the West End Chicken and Brew sound? It offers delicious, crispy chicken tenders to satisfy your poultry needs amidst all the pork and beef around the arena. They combine three of the most appealing “flavors” or food types among sports fans with their Spicy Cheese Fries (it’s spicy, it has cheese, and it’s fried. How can you go wrong there). In addition, if you want to feel a bit fancier, but still have fried, cheesy meat in your mouth, they offer Lobster Rangoons.

The Premium Club Bistro

In this article, the best is saved for last. Located on level 5 of the arena, the Club offers a more casual environment from all the noise and excitement of the game. It’s a sit down restaurant, unlike the rest of the options, which are more of concession stands. They do not accept reservations, and only stay open from two hours before events to the end of the event.

The restaurant actually has different food stations throughout. You can walk to the pizza bar, pick up a few slices, and head over to the deli to grab a sandwich or a salad. There’s plenty of options at the Premium Club Bistro, which is why it might be the best place to go in the arena.

If you go to the arena, just make sure to enjoy yourself and enjoy all the great food available.

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