The Ultimate Cubs Tickets Buyer’s Guide

Where better to get your Cubs tickets than at The Chicago Cubs played their first game back in 1876. Since then, they have played tens of thousands of games and inspired millions of fans. Over 30 players from this team have become part of the Hall of Famers, and the Cubs hold more than 40 records in the Major League Baseball. Today, the Cubs play at Wrigley Field, located in Chicago near Lake Michigan.

Whether you are planning a road trip to Chicago and want to catch a game, or if you are a Chicago resident and want to take your family out for a day of excitement, finding Cubs tickets from ScoreBig will save you both time and money.

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Sounds Like an Adventure, How Do I Start?


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First, choose the game you want to attend. Baseball season is from April to September, so you can enjoy a ball game in the spring, summer, or early autumn. The Cubs play approximately 81 games per season at Wrigley Field. In Chicago, summer days and nights are pleasant, so whether you choose a day or night game, grab a few tickets for yourself and everyone you plan to bring along. Book a summer vacation solo or with your family to Chicago and plan to catch a game while you are there.

The beginning of the season in April is exciting because of the anticipation of the fans and the gung-ho attitude of the players. With temperatures averaging in the low to mid-sixties, all you need is a light jacket and your favorite Cubs scarf or beanie. During baseball season, Chicago is one of the most enriching places to travel. Find out more about this inspiring city before you plan your visit.

Once you know what day you want to see the Cubs play, the second step will be to pick your tickets.

Where Do I Sit?

After you’ve chosen your tickets, ScoreBig directs you to the third step: choosing your seating area. Wrigley Field is broken up into aisles as opposed to sections, so for example, if you are seated in aisle 19, you will find yourself directly behind home plate. On the other hand, aisle 314 will place you in the bleachers overlooking the right outfield, and aisles 413 and 415 will place you in the Upper Deck Box overlooking third base.

For all seating, except the bleachers, the lower the aisle number, the more you will sit towards the left outfield and the higher the aisle number, the closer you will sit towards the right outfield. For example, aisle 201 is located near the left outfield, while aisle 242 is across the field above the right outfield.

Are you a diehard baseball fan who wants to get close to the action of the game? Maybe you are looking for the perfect seating for a family with young children. Have a large party? You’ll want to make sure you sit in section where everyone will fit in together. Perhaps you’re taking someone to a baseball game for the first time?  The question now is: where should you sit?

With hundreds of aisles and over 40,000 seats, picking your seating area may seem like a daunting task. Don’t worry though. Scorebig has provided you with the ultimate Cubs-seating map guide:

Club Box

The Club Box contains aisles 4 through 38 and includes two subsections: the Dugout Box and the Bullpen Box.

  • What better way to enjoy a baseball game than from the view of the batter? Rows A-C in aisles 19-22 in the Dugout Box will put you right up to where the action is as you sit directly behind the batter and umpire. You will be so close, you’ll be able to see sweat beading up on the players’ faces. Want to be on the ground level but not directly behind the batter? Hang either a right or left in rows A-C of aisles 24-26 or 16-18. Those serious about their baseball will want to be in these seats.
  • The Bullpen Box is located in rows A-C of aisles 9, 10, and 11. These sections overlook third base and left infield. Near the Bullpen Box, you will also be able to watch the pitchers warm up before they head out to play. This can be a great section to sit in for anyone, such as a child or teenager, who is interested in becoming a pitcher.
  • The rest of the Club Box compiles of aisles 4-8, 12-15, and 27-38. With 10 to 11 rows in each aisle, this seating is a great pick for families. The right side of the Club box overlooks 1st base, and directly behind home plate is where you’ll get the best view of the pitcher.

Meanwhile, the seats that overlook the left side of the field are perfect for late afternoon games when the sun is setting. Since on this side the seats face east, the sun won’t be in your eyes, and you will be able to enjoy the game without worrying about the sun blocking your view.

If you are new the game of baseball or if you taking someone to their first baseball game, center Club Box seats in aisles 17, 19, 22, or 24 are the right pick. Close enough to the game to see every player, those who are new to baseball will be able to easily follow the game as they watch it from the batter’s point of view.

Field Box

The Field Box sits right above the Club box. Aisles 101 through 142 make up this section of the stadium. Aisle numbers start on the left outfield and wrap around to the right outfield. Outfield seats are great for watching that perfect home run hit, while infield seats let you see the players up close. There are 15 rows in each section.

The Field Box infield seats are considered to some as one of the best seats to get the Wrigley Field experience. Sit here and you will still be close to the game but back enough to get a good view of the entire field.

Terrace Box and Terrace Reserved

Get the perfect picture of the entire game from the Terrace Box or Terrace Reserved seating and experience Wrigley Field as a whole. With between 22 and 32 rows for aisles 201 through 242, this section is one of the largest section of the stadium. Employers, surprise employees with tickets to see the Cubs. Sit in the Terrace Box or Terrace Reserved seating so everyone can sit together and enjoy the game.

In particular, the Terrace Reserved seating is also perfect for a rainy day because it provides shelter from the rain. Chicago weather can sometimes be unpredictable. If it looks like the day you’re planning on seeing a game is going to rain, choose a seat in this section and stay warm and dry.

Upper Deck Box and Upper Deck Reserved

Aisles in the 400s are located in the Upper Deck Box, and aisles in the 500s are located in the Upper Deck Reserved. Here is where you are going to get the perfect bird’s eye view of the entire game and field while still enjoying the sport. Enjoy the game and take in the majestic picture of Wrigley Field when you choose tickets in these seats.

Budweiser Bleachers

Always dreamed of catching a home run? Then you should be sitting in the bleachers, or the 300 aisles. Experience the game from an entirely different angle because now you’re watching the game from the pitchers point of view and ready for a home run to come your way. Everyone should experience a ball game from this vantage point at least once, so bring your baseball glove and get ready to play.

Remember, no matter where you end up sitting, make sure you don’t miss out on the 7th inning stretch when everyone in the stadium stands up and sings, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” together. This is a tradition that goes back more than 50 years and a great way to connect with other sportsmen who love baseball as much as you do. Also don’t miss out on the firework shows that follow many of the Cubs night games.

For a complete view of Wrigley Field, check out the Major League Baseball website to help you make up your mind about where you should sit.

Baseball can mean many things depending on who you talk to. To a parent, it may mean surprising their children with a day of laughter and fun at the ballpark. Or a child may have his best memories of his dad stored away in the game of baseball. As the second baseball field to be built in America, Wrigley Field is one of the oldest and most historic ball fields you’ll ever get to experience.

Create memories at a place like no other when you purchase tickets to a Chicago Cubs game from ScoreBig.

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