The Ultimate Tigers Tickets Buyer’s Guide

The Detroit Tigers have a long history dating back to 1901, when they took the field for their first game on April 25 at Bennett Park. Though the Tigers trailed Milwaukee 13 to 4 as they entered the ninth inning, the Tigers came back to win 13 to 14, winning their first game in front of 10,000 fans.

Today, you can head to Comerica Park to revel in a Tigers game. Here you’ll find a Ferris wheel, carousel, and the Tiger Club, as well as concession stands and a beautiful view of Detroit. Looking for Detroit Tigers tickets? The following guide will help you decide the place places to sit.

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Premium Seats


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The best seats in the stadium are located in the on-deck circle right behind the two teams and home plate. This gets you closest to the infield, so you can enjoy all the action and see it close up. Right behind this are the infield seats found in sections 120–135. Note that for the sections right behind home plate (sections 125–130), the rows start at 1, but for the other sections, which are behind the teams’ dugouts, the rows start at 7. If you’re looking for a front row seat, that is the closest rows in the infield.

The Tigers’ dugout is located on left side of the field, so it may be tempting to sit on this side of the field. Note however, that depending on the time of day, the sun might be shining right in your eyes. For this reason it might be a safe bet to get tickets along the first base line to avoid sun glare, plus you’ll have a good view into the Tigers’ dugout. This is especially a problem if you attend a game at sunset.

If you are hoping for autographs, this is the section you’ll want to be in, especially section 136 for the Tigers team or 119 for the visiting team. You’ll want to get to the stadium 90 minutes before the game (which is when Comerica opens) to get autographs. Note that even if you don’t have tickets for this section, you might still be able to go to this section to get autographs up to 45 minutes before the game.

Tiger Den Seats

For a great place to sit, relax and enjoy the game, choose seating within the Tiger Den. This area of seating is located in the back portion of the infield seating sections in the lettered rows (A through H) behind sections 120–135. Unlike typical stadium seats, these seats are wooden and padded and come with a little table next to you, giving you more room than the average stadium seats. They are under cover to protect from weather and a waiter will serve you any drinks or food you need throughout the game, so you can enjoy the game.

Some feel that the extra amenities for these seats make them worth the extra cost, which will run you almost as much as the premium front-row seats behind the dugouts and home base. Others feel it’s a waste and you will enjoy the game just fine in one of the less expensive sections.

Lower Baseline and Outfield Box Seats


Image via Flickr by Kevin Ward

The lower baseline boxes include the sections 112–114 on the right side and 141–143 on the left. Many native to Detroit feel these are the best value for the price costing $38 a seat for a regular game, according to the official Tigers website. These seats, especially those located towards the front, give fans a chance to catch a foul ball. Because of this, these seats are crowded and often sell out. The back portion of the lower baseline seats is largely empty and because of that, you might find a good deal on tickets.

Outfield seats increase in price over lower baseline by $9, according to the Tigers’ website. These seats include sections 115–117 and 138–140. This is also a prime spot to catch a foul ball, especially if you’re sitting in the first few rows. You’re also closer to the plates, especially in sections 117 and 138, so you don’t miss any of the action. All but section 115 starts at row 1, so try for seats that are in rows with lower numbers.

Left Outfield Seats

Some of the best seats are found in the outfield. The teams’ bullpens are located on the left side for those who enjoy watching pitchers warm-up. The first few rows behind the Tigers’ bullpen are a great spot if you want to see a Tigers pitcher close up. Don’t forget the binoculars if you want to see all the action at home plate.

Many sitting on the left side of the field have complained about the sun being in their eyes, including for games that start at night (this is especially the case if you are headed to a night game in the summer). That is something to keep in mind if you don’t want to sit through most of the game trying to shield your eyes from the sun. Either way, prepare yourself by bringing sunglasses and wearing a baseball cap.

Right Outfield Seats

For cheap seats that are also great seats, head to the right side of the outfield. The far right side is called Kaline’s Corner after legend Al Kaline, who just barely missed being inducted in the 3,000 hits, 400 homeruns club (by only one home run). Nicknamed Mr. Tiger, this member of the Hall of Fame had a 22-year career with the Detroit tigers and mostly played in the right field. This is the reason that the stands in the right side of the field are named after him and include sections 107 through 111. Find the best seats in the first five rows of sections 110 and 111.

The best part about right outfield seats is you’re less likely to get the sun in your eyes. It should be noted that this section is often a bit more rowdy than other areas of the park, including a tendency to hear more profanity. If you’re heading to the park with your family, this might not be the place to sit, especially adding that they’re not very close to the Ferris wheel or the carousel.

However, if you’re hoping to catch a homerun, this is the best place to sit, especially during batting practice. It’s near the Pepsi Porch as well, if you want to stretch your legs during the game. At the Pepsi Porch, you can watch the game while getting something to eat. Offerings include typical bar fare including chicken wings, cheeseburgers, beef brisket sandwiches, nachos, and a full bar.

Luxury Party Suites

Are you looking for a place to hold a party where you can bring along some guests? Consider getting a party suite at Comerica. The party suites can accommodate anywhere from 20 to 195 guests. Each suite has its own private bathroom and has climate control, making them a comfortable place to watch the game.

Along with each suite is some seating indoors and outdoors, so you can be a part of the crowd or feel like you and your guests are the only ones there. Included with the suite is a full menu. These party suites are located along the left field. In total, there are 102 luxury suites available at Comerica.

Cheapest Seats

The cheapest seats in the house for a regular game are the Skyline seats found in 344 and 345. These seats are located way out on the left field. They aren’t the best seats in terms of location, but they’ll run you about $15 a ticket for a regular game, making it a great way to enjoy your love of baseball without breaking the bank. Other cheap seats include the bleachers section (sections 101–106) at $18 and the Upper Reserved section on left field (sections 338–343) for only $19.

Bringing Kids to the Park

If you’re planning on attending the game with kids, you’ll want to consider locations that work best to keep the kiddos entertained, since the typical three-hour game can be a little hard for kids to sit through. Concessions always help, but there is some onsite entertainment as well.

The Tiger Carousel is located in the Big Cat Court near section 119. The Fly Ball Ferris Wheel is in the Bushfire Grill, near section 131. At just $2 per person (and free on Sundays for kids 14 and under), it’s a great break if your kids need to get some energy out. Other areas to consider are Gate B near section 5 where you’ll find a batting cage and pitching cage. Sitting near any of these areas will not only provide great seats but will also give you easy access to activities if your kids get bored.

Going to a major league baseball game can be a very memorable experience. Choosing the right seats can make it even more memorable and something you’ll talk about for years.

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