The Ultimate Mets Tickets Buyer’s Guide

The Mets played their first official game in 1962 and New Yorkers have tried since then to score awesome deals on Mets Tickets. While they may be a newer team to Major League Baseball, the Mets have shown they can hold their own. Today, the Mets play at Citi Field which opened up for the first game of the 2009 baseball season.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, or if you are a resident of New York looking to catch a game, finding Mets tickets is fast and easy, saving you time and money.

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How Do I Start?


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To begin with, decide when you want see a Mets home game. Baseball season takes place between April and September, so you’ll want to decide if you are looking for a spring, summer, or early autumn game. Do a little research to find out the best times to travel to New York City and plan from there.

Once you know you when you want to see a game, visit and purchase your tickets. guarantees that no matter how many tickets you purchase, everyone in your party will be able to sit together.

Next, will prompt you to choose your seating. With hundreds of sections and 42,000 seats, this may look like a daunting task. Never fear, there is a Mets-seating map guide just for you to help walk you through the process of finding the perfect seating.

Sterling Level

Come join the fun at the Delta Club, located on the Sterling Level. Seats in sections 11-19 sit right behind home plate, giving you that picture perfect view of the game through the batter’s point of view. Platinum seat holders will sit in the first two rows of sections 11-19, while gold seat holders will sit behind in rows 3-8, and silver seat holders will be seated in rows 9 and higher.  All seats in these sections are padded for your comfort. Sections 11-19 are the sections  to sit in for the diehard baseball fan.

Ticket holders in this section will have access to the Sterling Suites (sections 1-10). Perfect for individual or family entertainment where there is a dining area, two full-sized bars, and a Chophouse. Suites are also located behind home plate, so you don’t need to worry about missing a thing.


Field Level

On the Field Level you will find seating available for the Metropolitan Box, sections 111-114 and 121-124. Platinum seat holders will sit in rows 1-2, gold seat holders in rows 3-6, silver seat holds in rows 7-12, and rows 13-31 are for everyone else sitting in the Metropolitan Box. Sections 111-114 will place you looking over the right infield, while sections 121-124 overlook the left infield. The Field level provides some of the best seating for watching a Mets game because these seats put you right up to where the action is.
The Hyundai Club sits right behind the Sterling suits. Sections 115-117 are set slightly to the right of home plate, while sections 118-120 sit to the left of home plate. This club offers complimentary food and drinks. These seats are perfect for getting access to the entire game at a slightly higher angle than the Sterling Level.

Field Box Gold
seats are in rows A and B of sections 125 and 126 near the left infield and sections 109 and 110 near the right infield.

Field Box Silver
seats are in rows C-E and 1-6 of sections 125-126 (left infield) and 109-110 (right infield).

Field Box
seats are located in rows 21-34 in sections 125-126 (left infield) and 109-110 (right infield).

Baseline Gold Box
seats are in rows A through E of section 128, which overlooks third base, and section 107, overlooking first base. These are the sections to sit in for the fan who wants to be right next to the players.

Baseline Silver Box
seats are located in sections 128, 127 (just above section 128) and 129 (left of section 128). These sections are comprised of rows 24-34. All of these sections will put you on the left side of the field, overlooking third base. On the other hand, overlooking first base, you will find Baseline Silver Box seats in rows 24-34 of sections 107 and 108.

Baseline Box
: Sections 104-106 overlook the right outfield and sections 130-132 overlook the left infield. The Baseline box is a great section to sit in if you are planning on catching a runaway ball.

Right Field Reserved
: Sections 101-103 overlooking the right outfield.

Left Field Reserved
: Sections 134-139 overlooking the left outfield.

Big Apple Reserved
is located in sections 140-142 which are on the opposite side of the Sterling Level and look at the game through the outfielders and  pitchers point of view. Watch out because a home run just may come your way if you are in these sections.

Shea Bridge Terrace
makes up only one section: section 143. Here, you will be able to watch the game from the outfielder’s point of view and get a chance of catching a stray ball or home run.


Empire Suite Level

The Empire Suites at Citi Field are located in sections 201 (right outfield) to 242 (left infield). Sections 211-233 face towards home plate. In addition to two rows of exterior seating where you can join the rest of the fans in cheering on the Mets, there are plush sofas and chairs, televisions, and dining tables inside the suite where you can enjoy the game in luxury. In addition, suites hold between 16 to 32 people. Views from this level highlight the game in its entirety. Watch a Mets game like no other when you choose one of these sections.


Excelsior Level

Caesar’s Gold seating (sections 313 to 325) is located above the Empire Suites. These seats are set in a way that allows you to view the game from a higher vantage point than Field Level, but still watch from the batter’s point of view. From here you will be able to see every player and the scoreboard.

Caesar’s Box
seats are located on either side of the Caesar’s Gold seating. Sections 306-312 sit to the right of Caesar’s Gold. Here you will have a closer view of the position of the game from the first baseman’s point of view. On the left of Caesar’s Gold are sections 326-333. These seats overlook third base.

Pepsi Porch
sections 334-339 are located to the left of the Caesar’s Box sections 326-333. These sections overlook the left outfield but are tilted towards the pitcher’s mound. Sections 301-305 are also part of Pepsi Porch and sit above sections 101-105 of the Field Level. Great for social or family gatherings, watch a Met’s game with the people closest to you from the Pepsi Porch.


Promenade Level

Promenade Gold: Sections 411-418 are located behind and above home plate. Here you will be able to watch the entire game at once and have a perfect view of the scoreboard.

Promenade Box
: Sections 401-410. Section 401 overlooks the right outfield, but the seats in this section are tilted towards 1st base. Section 405 looks directly over first base, and section 410 sits above the right infield.

Promenade Infield
: Sections 510-518. These sections will give you the ultimate bird’s eye view of the game.

Promenade Reserved
: Sections 501-509 and 519-531. Section 501 overlooks the right outfield but the seats are tilted towards the pitcher’s mound so you don’t need to crane your neck to see the action going on in the infield. Section 509 more directly overlooks the right infield. Sections 519-531 are above the left field, with 519 overlooking the infield and 531 overlooking the outfield.

Promenade Outfield
, sections 532-538 are only located on the left side of the outfield, but face towards the infield.

Wheelchair Accessible

Citi Field offers 70 sections that are wheelchair accessible. Every level except for the Promenade Infield, Reserved, and Outfield seats (sections in the 500s) will provide sections for those in wheelchairs to enjoy the game. Sections 17, 18, and 19 of the Sterling Level are wheelchair accessible, and the Delta Club patios in sections 14 and 16 are also wheelchair accessible. On the Field Level twenty-seven different sections are wheelchair accessible including sections 110-114, 121-124, and 129-136. There are also twelve sections from the Excelsior Level and twenty-six sections from the Promenade Level that are perfect for any fans in wheelchairs.

Everyone deserves to have fun when they come to a Mets game, and Citi Field has is ready to provide entertainment for fans of all ages. Create memories at a place like no other when you purchase tickets to a New York Mets game from

For a complete view of New York’s Citi Field, check out the Major League Baseball website to help you make up your mind about where you should sit. Scroll your mouse over any section and click. You will then be shown a view of what the park will look like from that section to give you a better idea of the game you are about to enjoy.

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