Devils Tickets Guide – Best Beers at Prudential Center

How far would sports popularity have gotten without beer? Face it, beer and sports have a kind of marriage. It’s hard to say that some people don’t get into sports because they’re drinking beer. How many people do you think pick up those two hobbies around the same time in their life?

A good game deserves a good beer, and the New Jersey Devils don’t do it any differently. If you’re going to a Devils game at the Prudential Center, and have your NJ Devils Tickets, you can rest in the fact that they have plenty of delicious beer for you to choose from to enhance your experience. Check out some of the best beers they offer.

Amstel Light


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A lot of people might not consider a light lager as a beer for beer lovers, but Amstel Light offers one of the best beers of its kind in existence. It has a golden-yellow color, as one might expect from a lager, and smells of floral hops and sweet malt. Once it hits your lips, you’ll notice an even more interesting flavor. It’s got a mild spiciness to it that adds a great bite, making this an excellent beer for people who want a light lager.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Samuel Adams has quite a few beers, but at the Prudential Center you’ll find their most common beer, the lager. It’s not a light lager like Amstel Light. This is a real beer in all its glory. The beer often gets brushed aside as a domestic mediocrity, but if you truly give it a try, it might surprise you. Samuel Adams is a full-flavored lager that delivers what it promises.

First off, it has a beautiful color, somewhere between amber and copper, the prototypical beer color. It’s strong with malt, and smells with a hint of sweet. Being a lager, it’s got a heavy malt flavor, but still a great hoppy presence to help balance the taste. It’s a great drink to have more than one of if you usually get tired of drinking the same type of beer.

New Castle Brown Ale

So maybe you didn’t buy those NJ Devils Tickets just to get a couple of lagers. Maybe you want a darker beer for your buck. That’s where New Castle’s Brown Ale comes in. You’ll enjoy its strong, nutty flavor, as long as you don’t mind a bolder beer. However, it’s still smooth and not too rich. This beer certainly tastes a lot different when its icy cold versus lukewarm. You want to make sure to get it down before you warm it up too much.

Bass Pale Ale

Ah, for the microbrew lovers, finally a pale ale. Even though it’s not a microbrew, Bass Pale Ale offers a great option on tap. It has a nice, brown color to it, a little darker than pale ales traditionally look. It’s not too intense, so you can drink multiple beers without getting too sick of it. Like New Castle, you want to make sure to drink this beer when it’s cold. It’s a little sweeter than some, but as long as you don’t mind that, it’s an excellent option for the pale ale lover.

Remember, make sure you drink responsibly.

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