Devils Tickets Guide – Best Food at Prudential Center

Sports and eating go together like peas in a pod. A great sports game almost always is accompanied by delicious eats. At hockey games, there’s often an even bigger focus on food than with other sports. After all, it gets cold in there and what better way to warm up than with some hot, fresh pizza or a warm pretzel?

If you’re on your way to a New Jersey Devils game with NJ Devils tickets, you’re probably wondering what food you’re going to enjoy. Luckily, the Prudential Center, home of the Devils, has a delicious restaurant and a variety of concession stands to meet all kinds of palates. Here are some of the best options available in the arena.

Prudential Center Restaurant


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Those NJ Devils Tickets don’t just give you access to the game, but also to the Prudential Center Restaurant. What can you find there? Just about anything you wish, thanks to their awesome buffet. They have a carving station for meats, fish, and poultry cut how you want it. A delicious sauté station features fresh ingredients tossed with homemade sauces. You’ll find a bar for antipasto and salad, helping you continue to create your own meal. Plenty of hot food items can be found at the buffet as well. In addition, don’t forget dessert which you’ll continue to find plenty of options for.

Buffets can take a lot from your wallet, though, so if you’re looking for a less intense option, the restaurant offers bar menu items. Among these, you can choose from a gourmet salad or some fresh pizza.

City Grill

If the restaurant doesn’t appeal to you, you can choose any of the 20 concession stands around the arena. Among these, the City Grill stands out. Choose standard event-styled food from cheeseburgers to fried chicken fingers. They’ve got all the typical snacks as well, like chips, fries, cracker jacks, popcorn, soda, peanuts, candy, and both soft and hard pretzels.

Villa Pizza

The Villa Pizza stand offers great pizza and a variety of Italian styled dinner options. Get a giant slice of sausage or pepperoni to go with your pizza. Alternatively, try the chicken parmesan sandwich or some Stromboli. You can get a beer here with your meal. If you don’t want to drink because you have to drive home, but you still want to feel like part of the party, they offer non-alcoholic beers as well.

The One Sushi

Take a break from the typical arena foods with a sushi concession stand. You’ll even find all kinds of Chinese/Japanese-style dishes here such as beef and broccoli, dumplings, and egg rolls. You can get some edamame as a healthy snack the side of your meal. They’ve got just about every standard eastern Asian dish you’re used to, along with an assortment of sushi rolls and sashimi.

Gyro King

Keeping things interesting, the Prudential Center also has a gyro stand. As a pleasant surprise, they have cheese fries as one of the first items on their menu. You can find all the standard Greek foods here, like chicken pitas, Greek salads, spinach pie, and gyro pitas. You can even make the cheese fries with feta cheese, which sounds incredibly good. The also offer Gatorade in case you feel a lack of electrolytes or hydration from all the excitement of the game.

Hopefully, this provide you with enough food options so you can think of what to get beforehand and not waste too much time trying to figure it out during the game.

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