Hurricanes Tickets Guide – Vegan Options at PNC Arena

There’s not many challenges more difficult than maintaining your sports fandom and your vegan diet simultaneously. People often associate having a good time with eating junk food, and sports really drive that idea home. Hot dogs, pizza, burgers, and nachos often fill the concession menus at parks and arenas. So, what does the vegan do in this situation? You can either try to find something without animal products in it at the arena, or you can find somewhere nice to dine beforehand that has nice animal free options.

Luckily, PNC Arena, home of the Carolina Hurricanes, actually has some nice vegan options. They have so much food between their restaurants and concessions, anybody can find plenty of different foods to eat, vegan or not. If you want to know what’s available, grab your Hurricanes Tickets and keep reading because this article has the options covered.

Arena Club Restaurant

PNC Arena has a premier restaurant, the Arena Club Restaurant. It aims to satisfy any palate, which is a claim vegans like to hear. It’s one giant room with a buffet that includes soups, an epic salad bar where you can create your own (vegan) salad, a sauté station, entrées and other sides, all at one buffet price. The desert and beverage options change with each event.

The restaurant also has a 21-foot full service bar, and above it you’ll find two 50-inch flat screen televisions. You’ll also find smaller LCD TVs all around the restaurant so if the game starts, you don’t have to miss a minute of it. However, the restaurant closes soon after the beginning of the arena’s events.

The Ledge Lounge

If you missed a chance to eat at the Arena club, you can always check out the Ledge Lounge. It exists mostly as a bar, but you can find Carvery Carts inside the Lounge. Sounds meat based, but it’s just a sandwich station, and as long as you don’t put meat on the sandwich, and you choose the right bread, you’ve got a suitable vegan option for food.

In-Seat Service


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Your Carolina Hurricanes tickets do more than just get you into the game. The arena hosts a special in-game food service specifically for hockey games. You’ll find a menu at your seat when you sit down. In addition, as long as you don’t mind the 18 percent service charge, it’s an amazing service with pretty good prices for an arena, and it has a number of vegan options. For snacks, you can choose from popcorn, chips, a vegetable tray, gourmet pretzels, peanuts, and fries. Want a full entrée? You can choose from a delicious roasted veggie wrap or sandwich.


In most arenas, you don’t often look to concession stands expecting to find a number of vegan choices. At the PNC arena, simply because they have so many concession stands, you can actually find a good amount of vegan options if you’re choosing between all of them.

The Fire It Up grill stands have onion rings, steak fries, and veggie burgers, as well as other grillable foods. The Market Place serves pretzels, soups, a Portobello wrap, salads, candy, and other great choices. That’s only two of their 20 different concession stands. Moreover, of course, the “general” concession stands have popcorn, chips, and peanuts.

So don’t feel left out just because of your dietary choices. PNC Arena has you covered in the food department, ensuring everybody can have a good time at a Carolina Hurricanes game.

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