The Ultimate Nationals Tickets Buyer’s Guide

When you plan a trip to see the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park, you want to select the best Nationals Tickets for you and your party. Of course, cost is something to consider, but so are many other factors, such as distance from the field and location of food and drink vendors. This Nationals seating map guide will help you determine what seats are best for you.

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Lexus President Seats

The best seats at Nationals Park are the Lexus President Seats on the Field Level. They are located in sections A through E, which you can find on the interactive seating chart, which allows you to see exactly where your seat is, what part of the field you’ll be facing, and how much the tickets cost. Tickets include an all-inclusive gourmet buffet, which provides draft beer, house wine, and soda. You can order your food and drink and have it brought directly to your seat. You also receive access to the three clubs.

The Lexus Presidents Club is located behind Home Plate and provides VIP seating, cherry wood-covered walls, custom chandeliers, and the Oval Office Bar, which offers an insider’s view of the batting cages and Press Conference room. The Club can be reserved for special occasions, including weddings, business meetings, after-hours parties, and cocktail parties. Its exclusivity will impress both friends and business partners.

The PNC Diamond Club is one of the most captivating spaces at the stadium. It includes an expansive bar, comfortable lounge, behind-the-plate views of the park, and an outdoor porch. If you’re looking for an exclusive place to watch the ball game without feeling too fancy, this is the club for you. The PNC Diamond Club provides a nostalgic air of casual elegance. It’s a perfect spot for a casual business meeting, after-hours get-together, or even a bachelor party.

The Stars and Stripes Club stretches from first base and wraps completely around the park to third base. It’s the largest club in the park, and features two distinct rooms, two-story windows with views of the river and monuments, a granite-topped bar, and stadium views from both sides. The connected clubs are attached to private suits, allowing members of your party to have some alone time during the game if they wish. It’s a great place for a family reunion, large birthday or anniversary party, wedding rehearsal, or even the wedding reception itself. The Stars and Stripes Club also makes a great rental for fashion shows, food and wine tastings, and company extravaganzas.

Ticket prices for Lexus President Seats are $24,600 for a full season.

Field Level


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There are eleven more sections of seats at the field level of the stadium, ranging from $20 to $150 per game.

Home Plate box seats are $13,530 for the whole season. They are located in sections 119 and 120, 126, 128 through 131, and section E. With your ticket package, you receive all-inclusive food and beverage including draft beer, house wine, and soda. Your food and beverages are delivered directly to your seat. You also receive access to both the PNC Diamond Club and the Stars and Stripes Club.

PNC Diamond seats are $12,300 for the season, and also provide an all-inclusive food and beverage service delivered to your seat. They are located in sections 119, and 121 through 126. Your ticket includes access to the PNC Diamond and Stars and Stripes clubs.

The more affordable Field Level seats do not include access to the clubs nor direct in-seat food and beverage services. However, Center Field Lounge tickets can be purchased for $50, and include $20 in added value, which can be used to purchase food and beverages, merchandise, or in-seat food and beverage service. These seats are located in sections 101 to 143, spreading all the way around the field. Tickets range from $20 to $60 per game.

If you choose not to purchase the Lounge tickets, you’ll find a range of food and beverages at surrounding vendors, including those at the Club Level, located two sections down.

Club Level

Club seating provides plenty of great views of the field, allows in-seat wait service, and access to the Stars and Stripes Club. Club Level seating is split into two sections: Infield Club, which costs $4,510 for the season, and 1st and 3rd Base Club, which also costs $4,510 for the season. Seats at the Club level are located in sections 206 to 221.

Most of the concessions for this section are available at the Stars and Stripes Club on the Field Level, about two sections down, near the Lexus Presidents seating. The Club Level offers its own concessions, including hot dogs, pizza, steak sandwiches, fish and chips, veggie burgers, bratwurst, and Italian sausage. You’ll want to check out the fresh carved round meat and smoked turkey at Capitol Carvery. If you’re looking to quench your thirst, Homestead Grays Pub offers premium and top-shelf liquors as well as domestic and local brews. For an easy, quick bite, try Papa John’s Pizza, South Capitol Grill, and Triple Play Grill.

Mezzanine Level

Located on the second level of the ballpark, the Mezzanine Level provides affordable tickets for a full season, half season, or partial season. A full season costs $2,460. It stretches from third base to the left-field corner and first base to the right-field corner. Located in sections 223 to 235, most of the seats on the Mezzanine level provide a good view of the field. Premium seats are located closer to home plate. Front row seats of each section are preferred, and therefore cost more.

There are several bars and concessions available on the Mezzanine Level. Premium and top-shelf liquors and domestic brews can be found at the All-Star Bar. Blue Smoke offers a range of barbecue concessions. If you’re looking for classic ball park concessions, such as hot dogs and burgers, sausages, and nachos, try Diamond Classics. Snacks at the Mezzanine Level include nachos, fries with a variety of dipping sauces, and popcorn.

Terrace Level

Located in an in-between area of the ballpark, the Terrace Level features upper right field and lower right field seats. They occupy the back rows of each section and offer good views of the field. Season tickets are $984 for the Upper Field Terrace and $1,394 for the Lower Field Terrace. The seats are located in sections 222 through 234, from rows F through row X. Concessions are available on the Mezzanine Level, which is located right below the Terrace.

Gallery Level

Split into two levels, the Gallery Level is placed one section closer to the field than the Upper Gallery. The seats are located in sections 306 through 321 in the infield and sections 301 to 305 in the outfield. Seats spread from left field corner to just outside the third base line. Tickets cost $1,394 for Outfield Gallery seats and $1,804 for Infield Gallery seats for the season. Gallery seats only offer a mediocre view of the field because of the height from the field.

The Gallery Level features several bars and concessions. Premium and top-shelf liquors as well as domestic and local brews can be found at the All-Star Bar and Baseline Brews. Ben’s Chili Bowl is a favorite among fans. Other vending choices range from hot dogs and burgers at Nats Dogs, pizza from Papa John’s, cheese steak from Steak of the Union, and chicken from Foggy Bottom Diner. A variety of desserts can be found as well, including Dippin’ Dots, a variety of candy from Capitol Candy, and funnel cakes. Taste of the Majors is a great ice cream stand that serves a variety of “tastes” from all the Major Baseball teams. Dolci Gelati features traditional Italian gelato in a variety of flavors. Snacks range from fries and chips to chicken tenders to kettle corn.

Upper Gallery Level

Located at the highest level of the park, the Upper Gallery is divided into three sections: Nationals upper infield gallery seats on the third base side, Nationals upper outfield gallery seats overlooking left field, and Nationals grandstand seats deep in the left field corner. The seats are located in sections 403 through 409 and 416 through 420. All of the seats are located very high above the field and make it difficult to watch the games. Season tickets cost $820 for Upper Outfield Gallery and $1,394 for Upper Infield Gallery seats. You can order your Nationals tickets online or buy them at the game.

Concessions can be found on the Gallery Level, which is just below the Upper Gallery Level. A range of foods is available on the Gallery level, including pizza, hot dogs, burgers, fries, kettle corn, and funnel cakes.

Now that you have an overview of the seating in National Park, you can choose the best seats for you and your party. Be sure to check the current prices before purchasing your tickets if you’re only buying them for a single game. Most vendors price their tickets at a per-game price. Refer to the seating chart and section details, and pick your seat. Enjoy the game!

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