The Ultimate Phillies Tickets Buyer’s Guide

There is no better site to find Phillies tickets than at The Philadelphia Phillies played their first game in 1883. Back then, this team played at the Recreation Park. However, today, the Phillies play at Citizens Bank Park, located as part of the Philadelphia Sports Complex. One of the newer baseball parks, the Citizens Bank Park, or “The Bank,” as it is often referred to, opened at the start of baseball season in 2004. Since 1883, the Phillies have placed more than 30 players and pitchers in the National Baseball Hall of Famers and have won over 50 awards.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, or if you are a resident of this city looking to catch a game, finding Phillies tickets are is fast and easy, saving you both time and money.

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How Do I Start?

To begin with, decide when you want see a Phillies home game. Baseball season takes place between April and September, so you’ll want to decide if you are looking for a spring, summer, or early autumn game. The beginning of the season can find you facing Philadelphia’s cool temperatures and a chance of rain. Wear your favorite Phillies scarf and beanie with a jacket and hood just in case. Summers will offer you temperatures in the mid 80′s, which is perfect baseball game weather. Check out Philadelphia’s official visitor site for a more information.

Once you know you when you want to see a game, visit and purchase your tickets. guarantees no matter how many tickets you purchase, everyone in your party will be able to sit together.

Next, will prompt you to choose your seating. With hundreds of sections and over 43,000 seats, this may not seem like an easy task. Never fear though. has created a Phillies-seating map guide just for you to help walk you through the process of finding the perfect seating.

Regardless if you a diehard baseball fan or a newbie to the game, you’ll find the seat that’s right for you.

Diamond Club


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This is the way baseball was meant to be viewed. With extra wide, padded seats, sections A-G of the Diamond Club allow you to watch a Phillies game in luxury. Being behind home plate will give you the unique opportunity to watch the game from the batter’s point of view. Choose a Diamond Club section and also get access to the Hall of Fame Club in sections 212 through 232. For the diehard baseball fans, this is the seating for you.

Field Level

The Field Level offers spectators some of the best views of the game and park. This is also one of the best levels to sit in if you are going to the game with your children. The Phanatic Phun Zone is at line with 1st base and has a play area for small children under 8 years old. There’s a game area near the right field gate that will let kids make their own Phanatic.

  • Infield sections 115-118 sit directly behind first base and the Phillies dug out, while sections 129-132 are set on the third base side and overlook the visitor’s dugout. Is one of your favorite teams coming into town? Pick a seat from section 129-132 and get a close of view of some of your favorite players. Infield sections also include the first six rows of sections 109-114 and 133-138. You can easily see the scoreboard from these sections, and you will be so close, you’ll see the sweat beading up on players’ faces.
  • Baseline sections are another great option for fans who want to get close to the action of the game. Baseline sections sit just outside the perimeter of home plate, but still overlook first or third base. Sections 108-114 are located to the right of home plate while sections 133-139 are located to the left.

If you are in the 7th row or higher in sections 109-114 and 133-138, you are considered to be in the Baseline section, but don’t worry, you’ll still be close to the field and will see your fair share of action. Baseline sections are also the best place to be if you are hoping to get a signed autograph from your favorite players.

  • Outfield sections comprise of sections 101-107 (right outfield) and 140-148 (left outfield). These are the seas you want to be in if you are planning on catching a baseball. Set directly behind the outfielders, and with glove in hand, wait for that home run to come your way.

Club Level

The Club Level hosts sections 206 through 310. Broken into six subsections, this is the level that will give you one of the best views of the game while enjoying the commodities of the park. You will be seated closer to the outfield in these seats and face inwards towards infield. This provides you with the perspective of the outfielders and pitcher as you look at the batter.

  • The Pavilion (sections 206-211) and Arcade (sections 233-237) line up between the infield and outfield. All seats at Citizens Bank Park are stationed in order to face towards second base, so you won’t miss a single moment of the game. Sections 201-205 of the Pavilion sit behind the Outfield sections on the right field and also provides seats ideal for catching a home run.
  • Sections 241 through 245, located in the Scoreboard Porch sit directly underneath the Phillies’ scoreboard. While these may not be the most ideal seats for the spectator who wants to pay close attention to the scoreboard (such as someone new to the game of baseball), sitting here will still give you a fantastic view of the game, players, and field.
  • The Pavilion Deck hosts sections 301-310 and is located only on the right outfield. The seats in sections 301-305 are behind sections 201-205 of the Pavilion. These seats are tilted at an angle that focuses on the infield. Meanwhile, sections 306-310 are behind sections 206-210 and are parallel to the batter right’s arm, facing directly across to the left field. However, because the seats are tilted, you won’t need to crane your neck to watch the game. With comfort, you will be able to watch the game with enough distance to take every aspect in at once.

Hall of Fame Club

With 2,500 padded seats, this section of Citizens Bank Park offers comfort and entertainment. Those seated in the Hall of Fame Club will also be provided with access to lounges and dining areas. Sections 214-217 are located behind the Phillies dugout, but behind those sitting in the Infield section of the Field Level (sections 115-118). Sitting here will still give you an opportunity to see the players up close.

If you choose sections 228 or 229, you will find yourself sitting behind the visitors dugout on the left side of the infield. Sections 218-227 are located between the two dugouts and more directly behind home plate. Because these seats are located on the second tier, you will avoid most of the sun during an afternoon game.

Terrace Level

The Terrace Level is about as high as you can go, except for the Ashburn Alley of course.

  • Sections 312 through 333 make up the Terrace. Section 312 is located on the right field and lined up slightly passed 1st base. The Terrace then wraps around behind home plate all the way to the left outfield with section 333. While these seats let you scan the entire field in a blink of an eye, be prepared to bring sunscreen since they also get the most sun during day games.
  • Sections 412-434 makeup the Terrace Deck. Rows further back in these sections are covered, providing shelter from the sun on a hot summer day or from rain during opening season. You will be able to view the entire game from any seat in this section and sections 412-429 will also have a clear view of the scoreboard.

Ashburn Alley

The rooftop bleachers are one of the most unique features of Citizens Bank Park. Here you get to experience a bird’s eye view of the entire park and game. Everyone should take advantage of watching a Phillies game from this different perspective at least once, just remember to wear a hat and bring sunscreen.

Everyone deserves to have fun when they come to a Phillies game, and Citizens Bank Park has made a real effort to provide entertainment for fans of all ages. Create memories at a place like no other when you purchase Phillies Tickets from

For a  complete view of Citizens Bank Park, check out the Major League Baseball website to help you make up your mind about where you should sit. Scroll your mouse over any section and click, and you will be shown, in a smaller window on your computer, a view of what the park will look like from that section to give you a better idea of what the game you are about to enjoy will be like.

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