Reds Tickets Guide: Best Beers at Great American Ballpark

If you’re looking for some of the best beer in all of Ohio, find yourself some Cincinnati Reds tickets and head on down to the Great American Ballpark in Downtown Cincinnati. There are tons of fine craft brews made from far and wide for you to enjoy while you watch a good ol’ game of baseball. Spend your time at the Great American Ballpark right and enjoy one of these expertly crafted beers.

Rivertown Brewing Company


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Situated in the Cincinnati suburb of Lockland, Rivertown Brewing Company is a hometown favorite for Reds fans. They offer a couple of their craft beers at the Great American Ballpark—the Hop Bomber and Helles Lager. The Hop Bomber derives its name from the B-24 Liberator Bomber, but is much gentler than its war machine namesake. It uses dark British crystal malt and a spicy fresh rye malt, balanced with dry American hops for a crisp, refreshing flavor. The Helles Lager harkens back to Cincy’s European roots, using imported barley and hops from Germany. This is a great choice for anyone seeking a Bavarian-style lager at the ballpark.

Christian Moerlein Brewing Company

Another local brewery, Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. has been around since 1853 when its namesake German immigrant founder set up shop. There are two Moerlein beers to look for at the Great American Ballpark: The OTR and the Lager House. The OTR, named for Cincy’s “Over-The-Rhine” German community, harkens back to days when refrigeration was scarce and brewers needed to use copious amounts of hops for stability. The OTR features a combination Cascade and Fuggle hops and three types of malts to make an ale with hints of citrus and floral tones. With a deep golden color, the Lager House is an original golden helles that uses the same formula Moerlein used to become the first American beer to pass the Reinheitsgebot Purity Law. If you don’t know what that means, just remember this—it’s a damn good German-style beer.

Great Lakes Brewing Company

Great Lakes Brewing Company hails from the city of Cleveland, home of the Indians and just a hop, skip and a jump away from the home of the Reds. You can try The Wright Pils the next time you’re at the Great American Ballpark. The recipe for this pilsner harkens back to Bavarian brewer Josef Groll and uses Harrington 2-Row Base malts with Mt. Hood and Czech Saaz hops to produce a “flowery bouquet and elegantly dry finish.”

Goose Island Beer Company

Goose Island Beer Company is one of many great names in the realm of midwestern breweries. Stationed in Chicago, Ill., Goose Island brings its Summertime kölsch to the home of the Reds. The Summertime is an easy-going and fruity combination of Mt. Hood and Saaz hops as well as 2 Row and Wheat hops. This one definitely hits the spot during a hot afternoon game in the summer and goes well with buffalo wings.

Drinking a cool, tasty beer is definitely a great way to pass the time while watching America’s favorite pastime. But before you partake, be sure to designate a sober driver and drink responsibly.  Don’t forget to save on tickets at!

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