Reds Tickets Guide: Best Food at Great American Ballpark

So, you’ve got your Cincinnati Reds tickets in hand, ready to go to the game, but you’re starving. The exciting competition increases your hunger’s intensity. You’ve never been to the Great American Ball Park, so you have no idea what to eat. Well, fret no more. Here is your guide to all the best food at the stadium.

Broadway Dogs


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Broadway dogs come available with the All You Can Eat Seats. If you’ve never enjoyed a stadium with that amenity before, All You Can Eat Seats lets you buy a seat for one cheap price where you can eat unlimited amounts of certain foods. In this case, you can eat as much of Broadway Dogs’ menu as you like. Broadway dogs has all the ball game essentials, offering soda, popcorn, chips, hot dogs, and peanuts. You certainly won’t go hungry if you choose this option.

Doggy’s Dogs

If Broadway Dogs doesn’t give you your sausage fix, Doggy’s Dogs offers the next best option. They have more dogs than you probably knew existed. Among these, you’ll find a KROGER dog, Italian sausage, hot mett, Hebrew national beef frank, the Queen city brat, and Sara Lee hotdog. Even with all these dogs, they still offer plenty of snacks to eat alongside. Peanuts and chips, or a jumbo pretzel that comes with an optional cup of cheese should keep you satisfied. They also offer plenty of drinks, beer, coffee, and candy if you have a sweet tooth.

Food Network Stand

The Food Network Stand might not offer as many foods as the previous places listed, but it has one of the most delicious game day foods ever made: buffalo mac and cheese. Aside from the spicy, cheesy goodness, they also have their own hot dogs and sloppy Joes, along with a big selection of beer to choose from.

LaRosa’s Pizza

Finally, some pizza! Every stadium needs a delicious pizza option, and the Great American Ball Park found theirs with LaRosa’s Pizza. They make pizza interesting with options like calzones, and pizza pretzels (still with the optional cheese cup) but you can always get a traditional slice of cheese or pepperoni if that suits you best. They also offer other foods such as pulled pork sandwiches, peanuts, and candy.

Riverfront Club Restaurant

If you don’t mind spending a little extra, the Riverfront Club restaurant offers an option you can’t turn down: an epic all you can eat buffet, with an ever-changing menu. The one thing that stays the same at this place is the yummy appetizers. You will find beer battered onion rings, Moroccan spiced chicken wings, cheeseburger sliders, fried pickles, and even deep-fried nachos. You need quite the appetite to finish all that before heading into a buffet.

United Dairy Farmers Reds Market

For a little different style of food, the United Dairy Farmers Reds Market offers some great options. You can still get your snacks, candy, chips, and peanuts here, but they have food on the cooler side as well. An assortment of fresh made sandwiches can cure your cravings, and they even have sushi options. If you don’t want chips and candy on the side, you can order some fruit instead. Get some bottled water to wash down the fresh food. Alternatively, purchase some beer since they offer that as well.

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