The Ultimate Reds Tickets Buyers Guide

You’re hoping to snag some Reds tickets, you’re psyched for the game, but you’re still confused. The Great American Ball Park is huge. How can you possibly decide which seats to choose, and how are you going to find your seat and navigate the stadium at the game? Take a breath and let your fear subside. This Cincinnati Reds seating map guide will help you prepare for the game and get you familiar with the stadium before you arrive.

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About The Great American Ball Park


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Situated in downtown Cincinnati on the banks of the Ohio River at 100 Joe Nuxhall Way, The Great American Ballpark can seat over 42,300 fans. The stadium officially opened in 2003 after it underwent a $290 million project, and it has since served thrilled fans and competitive athletes for over a decade.

How the Stadium Seating Works

Sections: Each section of the stadium uses a 3-digit number to specify its location. The first number in the series tells which level the section is in, starting at level 100 near the field and working up to 500 at the top of the stadium. In each level, the lowest numbers start toward the left side of the field, counting up as they go to the right. For example, section 101 is located on the far left-hand side of the field at the bottom of the stadium whereas section 537 sits at the right-hand side at the top of the stadium.

Rows: Each section also has rows to help you locate your seating. The stadium uses letters to indicate these rows. If there are more than 26 rows in a section, the lettering changes from singles to doubles. For example, row AA comes after row Z.

Seats: The seat numbers within each section are arranged so that the lowest number in the row is closest to the preceding section. For instance, seat number 1 in section 130 is located along the aisle next to section 129.

Claiming the Best Seats in the House

Although every seat in the stadium offers a clear view of the game, there’s still a hierarchy in the seating chart. Most fans agree that the Sun and Moon Deck sections are the best in the house (after premium seating), and sections 140-146 are going to give you the best bang for your buck. Not only are they inexpensive and near the field, but they put you in the perfect location for catching a home run ball.

Plus, there’s nice eating close by at the Budweiser Bowtie Bar. Just keep in mind that there aren’t shadows in this section, so you’ll want to wear sunscreen. If you plan to spend a lot of time at the games, perhaps opt for a season pass and reserve a seat in one of the premium sections.

Information By Section

Each area of the stadium offers a unique experience. Use this information to help decide where to sit.

Premium Seating: Most premium seats, including Diamond, Club, and Scout sections sit behind the home plate.  The Diamond and Scout sections are located on the first level while Club seating is located on the second and third levels of the stadium. These seats are usually only available to multi-year contract holders and are the most expensive seats available. However, people in these sections receive luxurious amenities and the best food in the stadium. There are also Lower Luxury Suites, Upper Luxury Suites, and Triple Play Luxury Suites available.

Dugout Boxes: The dugout seats will put you right behind the players and offer some of the best seating right after the premium seats. These seats are close to the game and are usually sold out for full season passes. If you plan to sit in the dugout seating, sections 114 and 132 include rows A through E while dugout seating sections 115-119 and 127-131 include rows F through J.

Infield Boxes: The infield section is the largest seating area on the ground floor and puts you quite close to the action. Comprised of rows 113-121 and 127-133, there’s lots of seating options to choose from in this section. Near section 130, you’ll find the only sloppy joes and buffalo mac and cheese in the stadium. However, these sections can be dangerous, so watch for foul balls coming your way.

Field Boxes: The Field Boxes run along the first and third baselines closest to the base. These boxes include sections 108-112 and 134-139. The front rows in these sections are the most popular of the seats in the Field Boxes, which means they’re usually sold out for season passes. However, you can often get tickets for the back row for individual games.

All-You-Can-Eat Seating: If you can hear your tummy rumbling, then you know where to go for the game. Anyone sitting in sections 408-410 also get an All-You-Can-Eat wrist band, which gives them access to all the popcorn, peanuts, hot dogs, and soda they can handle. (These tickets are not good for alcoholic beverages and other food.)

Since the All-You-Can-Eat seating offers the same view as the Mezzanine seating and tickets are only a few dollars more, this is a great deal for fans looking to spend a lot on food while at the game. However, if you’re hoping for excellent seating, you might choose a different area of the park.

Sun Deck/Moon Deck: Most fans agree that the Sun Deck and Moon Deck areas, sections 140-146, are the best in the park if you don’t have a season pass. This area is across from home plate and is a prime spot for catching a home run ball. The section is also great for feeling the cool breeze off the Ohio River, but you’ll want to opt for a different section if there’s poor weather in the forecast.

The popular Budweiser Bowtie Bar is also near this section, and you can even reserve parts of the bar for groups of 40-65 people, which includes concession credits in the price.

Mezzanine: The Reds Mezzanine area includes sections 411-419. While you can still easily enjoy the game from here and the tickets are quite cheap, most fans prefer the View Level Boxes since the view is similar but the tickets are generally more affordable. However, you can grab a famous LaRosa’s pizza near section 413.

View Level Boxes: The View Level Boxes sit along the 400 level from sections 420-437. While they’re closer to the field than the View Level seating, there’s not much difference in the view.

Family Section: The Family Section, section 107, does not permit alcoholic beverage consumption. Other than that, it is similar to the Terrace Outfield section as far as viewing the game goes. Despite how family friendly this section might be, viewing is more difficult, so most fans are better off purchasing the Terrace Outfield tickets.

Terrace Outfield: Next to the outfield wall, the Terrace Outfield comprises sections 101-106. This is another great place to catch a home run ball, and the front-row seats offer an unobstructed view of the game. However, front row tickets in this section are generally sold out as season passes.

View Level: This level is located above the View Level Boxes and sits along the back row of the stadium, comprising sections 511-535. The front row seats here offer a great view at an affordable price, and some people even argue that the front row seats in this section are better than mid-row seats in premium sections.

Plus, you can grab a delicious Big Red Smokey near sections 511, 514, 523, 525, and 529. How about a sumptuous Skyline Chili Dog? Get that near sections 518 and 533.

Kroger Bleachers: The Kroger Bleachers are the highest seats in the stadium in sections 401-406 in left field. If you’re purchasing tickets in this section, make sure you buy tickets in front of the walkway so you don’t have fans passing in front of you and obstructing your view. The tickets for this section are cheap, offering an affordable option for getting into the game.

Outer View Level: The Outer View Level includes sections 509 and 510 in the left corner of the field and 536 and 537 in the right corner. These sections are the farthest from the field and offer the cheapest tickets available.

Accessible Access to the Stadium

This fully accessible ballpark makes it easy for all visitors to find a great seat and enjoy the game, and since most sections offer accessible seating, you have plenty of options to choose from. Start by parking in the East section of the Central Riverfront Garage or in the East Garage for accessible parking. These accessible seating areas are also equipped with electrical outlets at no cost to you.

With the wide range of seating options available for both season-pass holders and individual ticket holders, the stadium has every type of fan covered. Now that you understand a bit more about The Great American Ballpark, it’s time to choose your seating options and purchase your Reds tickets.

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