The Ultimate Brewers Tickets Buyer’s Guide

Miller Park allows the fan entering the brick façade and structurally elegant stadium with Brewers tickets in hand to feel the romantic past of baseball reincarnated. The stadium’s build with its mild slope allows fans to feel an intimate proximity and view of the players and the field. These features help separate this park from any other ball park in the world. With its epic music, environmental consciousness and awesome amenities, Miller Park offers an unrivaled experience at a ball game.

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The Stadium


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Only Miller Park has a convertible, fan-shaped roof that allows baseball games to go on no matter what kind of weather storms in Wisconsin. The park originally began constructing in 1996, funded by a sales tax from five Wisconsin counties. The Brewers themselves added $90 million to the project and included a 20-year naming rights deal with, who else, but Miller Brewing Co.

The stadium offers four tiers of seating in a bowl shape. Levels include the field level, loge level, club level and terrace level. The field consists of natural grass.

Getting Brewers Tickets


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It’s good to understand how your tickets work so you can get an idea of where you’ll sit in Miller Park. First, recognize your section, a three digit number that should show which level you’ll be sitting in. Then you have a row and a seat number, which indicates how close to the isle you sit. The lower the number the closer in you sit. As you might expect, the closer to the field, generally the larger the desire for those seats.

If you get confused by how the seating works, or you don’t understand where your section will land you, you can always visit ESPN‘s or‘s maps of the seating to show you exactly. where you’ll sit. even gives you a shot of the view from every single section, so you can truly envision what it’s like to sit in all available sections.

400 (Terrace) Level


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The four hundred level seating puts fans as high up and far back from the game as possible. So, as you might expect, these tickets cost the least out of any option (except for, sometimes, Standing Room Only tickets.) Though this sets you further back than others, you’ll love the option if you’re on a budget. In fact, the middle sections (around sections 419-425) offer great options as you get a great, all-encompassing view of the entire field without ever having to turn your head or strain your neck.

If you like the high up section and prefer a quieter, calmer game experience, try section 417. It’s an alcohol free zone, and a great place to take the family.

As for food and amenities available up there, you’ll find the Bar Cart, Beer Cart, Beers of Wisconsin, Brat Boys, Dippin’ Dots, Heavenly Roasted Nuts, Home Fire Grill, Home Sweet Home, Milwaukee Burgers, Most Valuable Pizza, Nachos & Beer, On-Deck Deli, Pretzel Pit, Ribble’s Cafe, and the Slider Cart as great options. You can also only find Bernie’s Clubhouse, Catchatorre’s Italian, Terrace Bar, Thirst Base and Blue Moon on this level.

300 (Club) Level

The three hundred level stands out as a special level in the stadium. It doesn’t have as much limited seating or space as other special areas, as it still covers the entire level, but it still provides for a more enhanced experience of the game. You can’t even get to the 300 level without a specific ticket for the level. You’ll find every section on the level carpeted, air-conditioned and complemented by a full bar. The section works great for people trying to enjoy the game on a hot day.

You’ll experience a higher level of pricing in this area due to the amenities, but there’s plenty of space and a high level of comfort, all at a fair price. Just watch out for the first row, as some shorter viewers might have trouble viewing the game with the position of the railing. The 300 level has many sections, but sections 320-338 give the best views and often end up as the most coveted. Sections 306-310 are your best bet if you hope to catch a fly ball.

Exclusive amenities to this level include the Brewery Hill Deli, County Stadium Grille, Lloyd Street Grill, and SKYY Lounge. You’ll also find the many ice cream options in Miller Park available here, including Blue Bunny Ice Cream and BBIC Novelties, Dippin’ Dots, and Scooped Ice Cream.

200 (Loge) Level

The 200 level often serves as one of the most popular places to sit. At this level, you don’t have to pay top price for seating, yet you still feel like you’re sitting right on top of the game. Some people even prefer it over sitting lower down. You might not have the closest seat in the house, but you feel less disengaged from the action.

If you want to bring your family, don’t worry. Even if these seats put you right in the middle of the stadium and close up to the action, you can buy tickets in the Family Alcohol Free sections, 217 and 238, to make your experience a bit more subdued and help everybody feel a bit safer. Sections 216-221 seat you right in front of the press box, and many argue that they offer the best seats on the level.

When you get hungry here, the 200 level provides you with such foods and amenities as the Bar Cart, Beer Cart, Beers of Wisconsin, Blue Bunny Ice Cream and Novelties, Brat Boys, Dippin’ Dots, Heavenly Roasted Nuts, Home Sweet Home, Java by Heidi, Most Valuable Pizza, Nachos & Beer, On-Deck Deli, Pretzel Pit, Ribble’s Cafe, Scooped Ice Cream and Slider Cart.

The Baked Potato Cart, Chef’s Table, Food Network Booth, Hot Cheese, Miller Lite Beer Pen, are all exclusive to the 200 level.

100 (Field) Level

The 100 level brings you as close to the experience as possible, and you don’t have to buy loge or gold tickets to get in. Although the 200 level brings fans close to the action, the 100 level’s experience remains unrivaled, except for the loge suites, and is perfect for the true lovers of the game. Though the tickets land on the more costly side, it’s the best regular seating the park has to offer.

As for hoping to catch a fly ball, you have two options. You can take a chance by purchasing tickets in sections 126-131, which stretch out a bit further on field left than those options on field right. Otherwise, you can sit in the home run area, covered by sections 101-105. These sections sit way in the back of field right, so in home run cases, you’d have the best chance of catching the ball.

So what about the food and drinks? The 100 level offers the Bar Cart, Beer Cart, Beers of Wisconsin, Blue Bunny Ice Cream and Novelties, Brat Boys, Dippin’ Dots, Grab and Go!, Heavenly Roasted Nuts, Home Fire Grill, Home Sweet Home, Java by Heidi, Most Valuable Pizza, Nachos & Beer, On-Deck Deli, Pretzel Pit, Scooped Ice Cream, and Slider Cart. Also, you’ll only find the Backed Potatoes and Back Stop Diner, Fry Bar, Gorman’s Corner, Happy Jack’s Kettle Corn, Klement’s Grand Slam Grill, Plaza Pavillion, Pommes Frites, Popcorn Cart, and Third Base Bar on the 100 level.

Terrace Box

Back up to the top of the stadium, the terrace level boxes offer the same view as 400 level seats, but with added amenities. Some quiet, nice carpeted floors, and a bar help you enjoy the game more comfortably.

The seating for the terrace box includes Rows 1-3 in all even-numbered sections between 404 and 438. It also includes rows 1-7 in the odd-numbered sections between 405 and 439. Sometimes your tickets may not include a specified terrace box section, in which case the tickets get mapped to the Terrace Reserve part of that section.

Private Suites

Several suites line backside of the 300 level. These suites offer great opportunities for fully relaxing and enjoying the game while building relationships with those around you, as they’re ideal for interaction at a game. You can buy tickets for suites all along the entire 300 level seating, except for one part sectioned off for a huge suite, also known as the Party Suite. Check out this suite for business hosted or larger events.

Loge Diamond Box

Rows 1 through 5 on the loge level have been reserved for the Diamond box seating in the 200 level. Tickets not specified as Loge Diamond Box will end up getting you seated in the Loge Infield Box part of the printed section.

Field Diamond Box

These seats include rows 1-5 of sections 110-111, 115-120 and 124-125. It also includes rows 1-8 of sections 112, 114 and 121, and lastly rows 4-8 of sections 113 and 122-123. If tickets don’t have a diamond box specification, you’ll get put somewhere in the Field Infield Box part of that section.

Standing Room Only

Standing room only tickets become available only after the game has sold out. These rooms sit at the Loge level, near the outfield, and actually provide a fantastic view of the game. But, as the name suggests, there’s no seating.

Regardless of what kind of fan you are, Miller Park has a seat for you. The extensive care and planning put into the stadium keeps it one of the top ranked baseball parks standing today as it has been for over a decade.

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