The Ultimate Pirates Tickets Buyer’s Guide

What better way to celebrate the start of baseball season than with Pittsburgh Pirates tickets? Back in 1887, the Pirates played their first game, making them one of America’s oldest baseball teams. Since that date, the Pirates have won five World Series championships. Today, you can see the Pirates in action at PNC Park, which opened at the end of March in 2001.

Whether you are traveling to Pittsburgh for business or pleasure, or if you are a resident of this city looking to catch a game, find your tickets at You will save time and money and be sure to find enough tickets for everyone in your party.

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How Do I Start?

To begin, decide when you want to see a Pirates home game. Baseball season takes place between the months of April and September, so you’ll want to start by deciding if you are looking for a spring, summer, or early autumn game. Early baseball season may bring you cooler temperatures and a chance of rain, while Pittsburgh summers are mild and temperatures tend to linger in the 80’s. ranks PNC Park as the number one attraction in Pittsburgh.

Once you know you when you want to see a game, your next step is to log onto and purchase your tickets. One of the best features of this site is that it guarantees no matter how many tickets you purchase, everyone in your party will be able to sit together.

Next, you will be prompted to choose your seating. With hundreds of sections and over 38,000 seats, this may seem like a difficult task, but we’re here to help you out. We have created a Pirates-seating map guide to help walk you through the process of finding the perfect seating.

Club Seating


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The Lexus Club, section 14-19, rows A-M, will put you so close to home plate, you’ll hear the ball as it goes flyring towards the batter. Food and unlimited beverages are served in these sections and access to the indoor lounges, which include restaurants, full-service bars, and arcade games, are available to you as well. For the diehard baseball fan, these are choice seats.

The Pirates Club Cambria suites are located between the first and second deck of the stadium. Here you will find yourself treated to lounges with multiple televisions that let you view the game from every angle, a full-service bar, plush seating, and access to a buffet. These climate controlled rooms, which still let you have a great view of the game, maybe a good choice for the beginning of the season when the weather is still cool and there is a chance of rain in April.

The Pittsburgh Baseball Club (sections 207-228, rows A-K) sits one level above the Infield Box. Section 216 looks dead on at the game across home plate and the pitcher’s mound but since it is up a level, you can scan the entire field with ease. In addition to seeing the game at a great angle, you’ll also be facing the spectacular view of the Roberto Clemente Bridge. Section 207 overlooks the game from the first baseman’s perspective while section 228 is stationed above third base. While these seats may sit higher than the field level, they still offer an excellent view of the infield.

Field Level Seating

Dugout Box seating sections sit on either side of the Lexus club. Sections 9-13 sit to the right of home plate, directly behind the visitors dugout. If one of your favorite teams are coming to Pittsburgh to play the Pirates, get seating behind their dugout for a better view, and if you sit in section 9, you’ll be able to sit right next to the dugout box and watch your favorite players as easily as you can watch the game. Sections 20-24 meanwhile will overlook the Pirates dugout. Section 24 sits right next to the dugout box so you can get a close view of the players and maybe even an autograph or two before or after the game.

Sections 1-4 and 29-32 make up the Baseline Box, while sections 5-8 (right field) and 25-28 (left field) create PNC’s Field Level Box. These sections are going to sit on the same deck as the Dugout Box and Lexus Club, but are stationed closer to the outfield. Still, since these sections are on the field level, these are some of the best seats to get up close to the action of the game.

Sections 109-124 are split up between the Lower Infield Box and the Infield Box. The Lower Infield box seating means you will be sitting in rows A-Q, while rows R-Last, are labeled as Infield Box or sometimes Upper Infield Box. The higher the letter of your row, the higher up you will be sitting, but all seating in these sections will give you a clear view of the action happening in the infield such as hits and runs and you will get a close view of the players.

Section 109 more directly overlooks first base while section 124 overlooks third base. If you want to view the game from the batter’s point of view but at a higher angle than the Lexus Club will offer you, then pick sections 115, 116, or 117. The back rows of sections 109-124 are covered and may be a good pick for a day when the sun is out in full force or if you are seeing a game in April and the sky is threatening to rain.

All the action doesn’t just happen in the infield though. That’s why it’s a great idea to check out the Outfield Box seating. Like the Infield Box, the Outfield Box is broken up into an upper and lower section. Sections 101-108 sit on the right outfield, rows A-Q sit closer to the field, while rows R-Last sit further back. Sections 125-132 are stationed on the left outfield, rows A-Q sit closer to the field, and rows R-Last sit further back. The seats in the Outfield Box have been angled to face towards the pitcher’s mound so you won’t miss a moment of the game, and seats in the back rows are covered.

Outfield Reserved is one of the best places to be if you plan on catching a ball. Sections 139-137 are located on the right and right-center outfield. With nothing to obscure your view, bring your favorite ball glove and get ready to catch a homerun.

Bleacher Seating

Bleacher Reserved (133-138) and Upper Bleacher Reserved (235-238) are also great seats for catching a homerun as these are some of the closest seats to the left and left-center outfield. However, you won’t be able to see the scoreboard from these sections, so these may not be the seats for you if you are planning on keeping a close eye on the game’s stats.

Grandstand Seating

Grandstand seating (301-333, rows A-R) provides a bird’s eye view of the game. Sections 312-321 will also give you an incredible view of the skyline of Pittsburgh and the Roberto Clemente Bridge running across the Allegheny River. If this is your first time visit to Pittsburgh, this is a site you won’t want to miss out on.

The Upper Grandstand seating is made up of sections 301-312, rows S-Last, which sit over the right outfield, and sections 320-333, rows S-Last, which sit over the left outfield. Sections 301-312 wrap around the right infield and outfield and sitting here will help you avoid direct sunlight in your face during a late afternoon game. Meanwhile, sections 320-333 run along the left side of the field.

All You Can Eat Seats

The All You Can Eat level is made up of sections 201-205. These are the seats to be in for a hungry crowd of fans. Fans will still have a clear view of the game and sit on the right outfield. Seats are titled to face the pitcher’s mound and the scoreboard can be seen from these seats.

Pirates Deck

Sections 335-339 make up the Pirates Deck. These seats are stationed above the bleachers and directly under the scoreboard. These seats provide shade from a summer’s sun and give you a view of the game from the left-center outfield.

Wheelchair Accessibility

All levels have been made wheelchair accessible. In addition to 19 elevators, there are over 50 sections that offer seating for those in wheelchairs. At the Club levels, check out sections 14, 207, 216, and 228. At the Field level, you will be able to find seating near sections 1 and 28. As well, there are 25 sections that are wheelchair accessible in the Infield and Outfield Boxes and 14 sections in the Grandstand level. The Pirates Deck, Bleachers, and All You Can Eat seats all offer sections that are wheelchair friendly.

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