Padres Tickets Guide: Best Beers at Petco Park

You’ve got your Padres tickets ready, and the food’s planned out, but what about beer? Beer and sports go together like peas in a pod. Luckily, Petco Park has a great selection of beers. However, if you’re not sure about which one to get, don’t worry. Here are the best beer options available at the park so you can make the best choice.

Stone IPA

This simple, delicious IPA stands out among the many IPAs in Petco Park and the country as well. It has a nice, coppery orange color, a bit unusual for an IPA. It has a nice, fruity hop bitterness to the smell. The aroma also consists of a mix of floral and tropical scents. It tastes of a nicely balanced caramel and malt, along with a but of pine and citrus. It’s a stronger beer, but you wouldn’t know it thanks to its easy drinkability.

Green Flash West Coast IPA


Image via Flickr by edwin.bautista

A craft beer favorite, Green Flash West Coast IPA has a deep amber color to it. It has a malty smell at first, but afterwards you can notice a balance of citrus and a bit of pine. The longer it sits, the fruitier the smell becomes. It immediately tastes of the classic hoppy bitterness, but with a good balance of malt. Still, it certainly has intense waves of hop flavor, which probably have led it to its popularity.

Green Flash Hop Head Red


Image via Flickr by dirvish

As expected for a red, this beer has a deep ruby-red color, making it very visually enticing. It smells of citrus right off the bat, mixed with some pine, resin, and a malty, almost candy-like sweetness. The pine, leafy, and earthy hops hit your mouth right away. A bit of berry and tropical citrus flavors float in the background, making it hard to put this beer down.

Green Flash Double Stout

This beer has the looks of an opaque dark brown stout that almost comes off as black. Right away, this beer gives off a smell of chocolate, coffee, dark fruits, and roasted malts. As for the flavor, get ready for a huge, robust, bittersweet rush. You can taste the chocolate and coffee flavors along with some smokiness and a hint of molasses. It’s a thick bodied beer for those not looking to go light on their drink.

Lost Abbey Devotion Ale


Image via Flickr by Bernt Rostad

A nice hazy sunshine-colored golden beer, Lost Abbey Devotion Ale smells earthy and fresh, with a strong hoppy presence. A dry, straightforward but earthy taste fills your mouth at first, with a strong kick shortly after it enters. The dry malt flavor balances the mild fruit and spice tastes in the background. It’s a straightforward, but still highly recommended beer.

Wipeout IPA

With a semi-hazy, light amber color, you might not expect this beer to pack such a kick to it. Swirl this beer a bit and you’ll really get a good wiff of the smell, consisting of grapefruit, pine, peach, floral essences, and caramel. This beer tastes fantastical even after it’s warmed up a bit, as the crisper flavors seem to come out more. You can taste several fruits in this beer, such as orange and even a bit of pineapple.

Now you’ve got some direction for what beers to try at the game.

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