Giants Tickets Guide: Best Food at AT&T Park

If you get yourself some Giants tickets and head on down to AT&T Park, you’ll start to get an idea why San Francisco ranks high on many foodies’ lists the world over. The city by the bay is an eclectic, diverse metropolis filled with culinary options from around the world. Satisfy your giant appetite and try one of these great food locations the next time you see the Boys from the Bay.

Orlando’s Caribbean BBQ


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More often than not, people associate ballpark food with gratuitous amounts of grease, batter, fat and other unhealthy ingredients, but Orlando’s Caribbean BBQ turns that notion on its head. This stand brings a taste of the Caribbean to AT&T Park, combining Jamaican and Latin influences that you don’t often see in sports venues. One of their most popular items is the Cha-Cha bowl, a filling dish that blends rice, grilled chicken, black beans, sautéed vegetables and a signature pineapple-zucchini salsa that works surprisingly well. They also offer jerk chicken nachos and other Caribbean treats that make excellent ballgame selections.


Whether you want to enjoy a sit-down dining experience or take your food back to the stands, Mijita is there for you. This full-service restaurant cooks up a number of Mexican west-coast dishes designed by award-winning chef Traci Des Jardins. Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, juevos rancheros, and all your other Baja favorites fill the menu here. One of their most appetizing dishes is the Baja Taco de Pescado, a battered and deep-friend rock cod in a soft corn tortilla with cabbage and avocado-cilantro cream. Also check their “Not So Authentico” section of the menu for interesting twists on classic Mexican dishes you aren’t likely to see south of the border.

Public House

Formerly the ACME Chophouse, Public House is another sit down restaurant backed by head chef Des Jardins. While the Mexican influence is still there, it serves more as an undertone to the hybrid American Southwest-West Coast style, including dishes like the Beer Braised Beef Shortrib, the Cubano Roasted Pork Loin sandwich, Beer Steamed Mussels, and poached eggs with cheesy grits and chorizo salsa. If you’d rather just drink a good beer instead of having your food cooked with it, Public House has an extensive collection of craft beers and wines made both locally and abroad. There are also 26 giant televisions around the restaurant, meaning you won’t miss a moment of the game (or any other sport, for that matter).

Crazy Crab’z

The Giants would be remiss if they didn’t include a taste of the Pacific at AT&T Park, and the Crazy Crab’z stand does just that. Avoiding the glitz and glamour of a sit-down restaurant, Crazy Crab’z offers plenty of grilled sourdough sandwiches with fresh Dungeness crab as the main ingredient. Other crab-centric dishes, such as salads and even cocktails, fill the menu. This is a must-stop location for true seafood fans.

San Francisco is full of some of the most unique and creative food options in the entire United States. Rethink your notions of traditional ballpark fare and enjoy the game on a full stomach.

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