The Ultimate Cardinals Tickets Buyer’s Guide

When purchasing St. Louis Cardinals tickets, you want to select the best seats for you and your party. To help make your selection easier, use for guaranteed savings and this St. Louis Cardinals seating map guide to find the best seating sections!

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Premium Seating


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Premium seating at Busch Stadium is split up among six sections and features all-inclusive food, soda, and beer.

The Bank of America Club is located above sections 357 to 360 near third base, which you can find on the seating chart. Indoor and outdoor seating is available. Vendors include stadium favorites plus two rotating buffets. Private bathrooms are available. Seats are reserved in advance for parties of two up to 250. Season tickets cost $8,181.

The Champions Club is located above sections 163 and 165 halfway down the left-field line. It accommodates up to 382 fans, provides an all-you-can-eat buffet, two full-service bars, an indoor lounge with 30 flat-screen TVs, private restrooms, and reserved outdoor seating. Season tickets are $10,125.

The Coca-Cola Areas include the Coca-Cola Rooftop Deck, the Coca-Cola Scorecard Patio, and Powerade Bridge. They’re located above the 500 level seats in the outfield and have a picnic atmosphere. The Rooftop Deck is located just above the center field wall and seats up to 60 fans. The Scoreboard Patio is located above the Cardinals Homer’s Landing and seats up to 240 fans. The Powerade Bridge is located above sections 507 through 511 and seats up to 105 fans. They all include food and beverage packages.

The Commissioner’s Box seats are the closest to the field, and provide the same view as the players in the dugout. It sits right next to the dugout, in the front portion of section 141. The Box fits up to 30 fans, and includes upgraded, cushioned seats, VIP parking, a special photo inside the dugout, in-seat food and beverages, and special pre-game events next to the field.

Homer’s Landing sits just above the center field bleachers and shows the Cardinals Homer’s Landing above sections 501 through 503 in center field. Fans often refer to it in conjunction with the Left Field Landing seating area, located between sections 167 and 170. Both include snack buffets and beer throughout the game. They can accommodate parties of up to 28 fans in Left Field Landing and up to 97 fans in Homer’s Landing.

Legends Club is located between the 200 and 300 levels from first base to the right field corner. It offers both indoor and outdoor reserved seating with easy access between them, and a buffet providing hot dogs, nachos, snacks, beer, and soda. The seats provide a mediocre view of the field, but you can fit a mid-size group into a single suite with easy access to all of the seats and the lounge.

Party Suites


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These special seating areas are spread throughout the ballpark, clustered primarily between the 100 and 200 level seats down both outfield foul lines from corner bases to outfield corners. Right Field Party Suites are located in the 100 and 200 level and the 200 and 300 level between first base and the right field corner. The Redbird Roost is located between the 100 and 200 level of seats directly behind home plate. The U.S. Cellular MVP Deck is located above section 597 in left center field. The Musial Bridge is located in sections 160 and 259. The Conference Center is located outside the immediate seating areas in the Executive Offices. The Party Suits are available on a per-game basis, and can be rented to groups with or without food-and-beverage packages and entertainment options.

Cardinals Club


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The Cardinals Club seats are located in sections one through eight behind home plate, and available only to fans who purchased seats when Busch Stadium was undergoing its current construction. The seats are located in rows A through J. Seats in row A are the best seats in the house. Club ticket holders receive access to the Cardinals Club dining room and lounge, and VIP service.

Diamond Boxes

Diamond Box seats are located right behind the dugouts in the front portions of sections 140 through 145, in front of the Cardinals’ dugout, and 155 through 160, in front of the visitor’s dugout. The back portion of all sections in the Diamond Boxes contain Cardinals Infield Field Box Seats. Some of these seats were sold as personal seat licenses when Busch Stadium underwent its reconstruction, and are not available for purchase. Vendors include Dippin Dots, Dizzy’s Diner, Gashouse Grill, and the 1st or 3rd Base Dugout Bar.

Dugout Boxes

Dugout boxes are located in sections 132 through 139 near the Cardinals’ dugout and sections 161 through 166 in the visitor’s dugout. All of the dugout boxes are in the front portions of their sections and next to the field. The back portion of these sections contain the Field Boxes. Front row seats in the dugout boxes are coveted because they’re the closest to the field in each area, and are typically sold out each game. Foul balls frequently land in these seats.

Field Boxes


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Infield Field Box seats are located behind the Cardinals Club and Diamond Box seating areas around the field. They’re split into 20 individual sections on the field level, from section 141 to 160. Every seat has a great view of the game. Section 150 is in line with home plate and is the best section in this area.

First Base Field Box seats are located on the first base side of the field level, from section 135 through 140, just above the premium seating areas. The seats staggered, with the front rows in all six locations and the higher rows, 20 through 29, in sections 135, 137, 139, and 140.

Third Base Field Box seats are located in sections 160 through 165, also staggered, with row one through 18 containing the five higher numbered sections, and rows 20 through 29, located in a separate area divided by a walkway, containing the remaining sections.

Lower Right Field Box seats are located in sections 127 through 134, close to the field. A portion of section 131 is located behind the Dugout Boxes. All other sections touch the field.

Lower Left Field Box seats are located in sections 166 through 172 on the first level of seating. Seats in sections 166 and 167 are located behind the Dugout Box seating area. Sections closer to the field are ideal for catching long fly balls or homeruns.

Right Field Box seats are located in sections 128 through 134, and offer a decent view of the field. Sections 128 and 129 offer a direct view of the infield.

Left Field Box Seats are located in sections 165 and 167, directly above Lower Left Field Box sections. These seats are located beneath the overhanging roof, providing protection from the elements.

Field Box Seats offer a variety of food and drink vendors, including Ballpark Favorites, Ben & Jerry’s, 1st Base Dugout Bar, and 3rd Base Dugout Bar. Season tickets range from $2,916 to $3,726.

Left Field Porch

The Left Field Porch is a small area tucked into the stadium’s left field corner, located between the Cardinals Field Boxes in sections 170 through 172 and the Cardinals Loge in sections 270 and 271. Vendors include Kosher Hot Dog, with other vendors scattered around in nearby sections. Season tickets cost $3,159.

First and Third Base Loge

The Loge seats are located on the Loge Level. First Base Loge seats are in sections 235, 237, 239, and 240 above first base. Third Base Loge seats are in sections 261, 263, and 265 along the third base line. Both sections offer good views of the game, although Third Base is slightly closer to home plate. Vendors include Captain’s Corner, Jumbo Dog, and Portable Bar. Season tickets cost $2,835.


The Infield Pavilion is located in sections 341 through 360, high above the field, and is scattered in sections 335, 337, 339, and 340. Right and Left Field Pavilion seats are spread among sections 328 through 334 and 361 through 372, respectively. The Left Field Pavilion has its own vendor in section 367. Other vendors include Gashouse Grill and Hardee’s. Season tickets cost $2,106 and $2,349.


The Infield Terrace is located in sections 446 through 454. Right Field Terrace, sections 428 through 434, are the cheapest ways to watch a game from inside the stadium. First Base Terrace, sections 435, 437, 439 through 442, and 445, are slightly better than Right Field Terrace.  Vendors include Ballpark Favorites, Dip N Dots, and Dizzy’s Diner. Season tickets cost $1,296 and $1,782.



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Left Field bleachers are in sections 589, 591, 593, 595, and 597. Center Field bleachers are in sections 501, 503, and 505. Right Field bleachers are in sections 507, 509, and 511. They’re all located above the outfield walls, and are great seats for catching home runs. Vendors include Kosher Hot Dog, Philly Cheesesteak, and Lemonade/Shaved Ice. Season tickets cost $1,458 and $1,539.

Finding a seat at Busch Stadium doesn’t have to be difficult. Let this guide help you determine the best ones for you.

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