Giants Tickets Guide: Best Beers at AT&T Park

True brew and ball lovers bought their San Francisco Giants tickets for two reasons: good beer and a great game. AT&T Park features some of the best local brews and national favorites in the city. There are also several outstanding beverage options at nearby bars. Whether you’re looking for a lager or an IPA, AT&T Park has every beer in-between. The next time you watch the San Francisco Giants, check out these five places for the best beers.

Beers at Coors Light Silver Bullpen


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The Coors Light Silver Bullpen is located at the top of the park near the center field bleachers in section 145. Guests can expect Coors classics including Coors Light and Blue Moon. Blue Moon is a light Belgian-style wheat ale with a hint of orange so it has that perfect summery taste you’ll crave near the end of the season.

Beers at Pete’s Tavern

If you’re looking for a pre-game pub experience, then Pete’s Tavern is the place to go. This bar and restaurant features 12 draft beers and a slew of bottles. Pete’s Tavern is conveniently located just blocks away from AT&T Park. Looking for an IPA? You’ll find Lagunitas IPA and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on draft. Fans of deeper flavor can enjoy the Black Butte Porter or a standard Guinness.

Beers at The Taproom at Anchor Plaza

Are you a local beer lover? Then check out the selection at The Taproom at Anchor Plaza. The Taproom and beers are owned by Anchor Brewing, a homegrown Giants-alliance brew company. The Taproom is located inside AT&T Park and features San Fran favorites such as Anchor Porter, Old Foghorn Ale, and Anchor Small Beer.

Beers at Tres Mexican Kitchen

Although Tres is known for its fiesta food and drinks, it also has a selection of Mexican draft beers. Enjoy the infamous bacon-wrapped hot dog with a festive cold one. The long lines don’t lie, as Tres is a Giants fan favorite. Find the Tres stand in two locations: at the promenade level, section 133 and the view level, section 314. There’s also a Tres local neighborhood restaurant where you can grab even more grub and brews after the game.

Beers at Public House

Public House has, by far, one of the best beer selections near AT&T Park. Public offers 20 craft brews on tap. Public House takes pride in their beverage list. Local San Francisco brews (Marin Brewing Company) and California’s finest (North Coast Brewery and Firestone Walker) take center stage. You’ll also find Dogfish Head, Shipyard, Highwater, Sierra Nevada, and much more. Public House is walking distance from the ballpark so it’s easy come, easy go.

Nothing goes better with fanfare than your beloved brews. Slow sip on these drinks at AT&T Park for the complete ballpark experience. What are some of your favorite beers in the AT&T Park area? Which ones will you enjoy while you watch the San Francisco Giants? Share your tipsy picks in the comments below.

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