Padres Tickets Guide: Vegan Options at Petco Park

So, you’ve got your Padres tickets in hand and you’re on your way to the game. You and your friends have to have something to eat. As a vegan, you don’t always want to head into an arena expecting to easily find great options for food. Fortunately, Petco Park actually has decent food options for a stadium. However, if you still don’t want to rely on the stadium, you can always hit a vegan restaurant nearby. Either route you choose, here is a guide to the vegan options available when going to a San Diego Padres game.



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Though Jsix focuses on seafood, they allow people who want to avoid animal products to have a good variety of options to choose as well. The restaurant offers a buzzy setting, which draws in fans. Its delicious food, Californian fare, and craft cocktails add an intelligent feel. They use fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients to complement the seasonal and coastal style of the dishes.

The restaurant uses its own herbs from a garden on the roof of the restaurant, ensuring a quality control that nobody can beat. For the food conscious consumer, this you have a perfect option with Jsix.


As a Mexican restaurant, you wouldn’t expect Pokez to land on so many vegan’s maps. However, they cater to the animal-avoidant crowd. In addition to traditional Mexican dishes, they have many breakfast items. Have you ever tried a veggie, tofu, potato, or mushroom taco before? It’s amazing that more restaurants don’t make dishes like these, considering how delicious they turn out. Rice, beans, avocado, guacamole, tortillas, cabbage salad, and sautéed vegetables all come as great vegan options as well.

Friar Fit

Petco Park’s Friar Fit is located on the field level in section 101. It is the go-to place for healthy eating options during the game. It’s perfect for vegans, as the main dishes include salads, fruit, and wraps. The stand has a focus on gluten-free foods, and that often helps pave the way for other health conscious foods, such as vegan.

Terrace Cafe/Bayview Grill

Terrace Café and Bayview Grill both have great food. Off their grills, you can make any wrap, veggie burger, or grilled sandwich you desire. You can also get some roasted corn on the side. You can customize the wraps, burgers, and sandwiches as well. So build your own vegan dish and enjoy the hot, delicious eats of the Terrace Cafe and Bayview Grill.

Anthony’s Fish Grotto

Another vegan option advertising fish, Antony’s Fish Grotto actually carries very tasty vegan options. Their wide array of sushi options has plenty of vegetable-and-rice-only choices for anybody trying to avoid eating animal products.

Club Level Food

If you’re lucky enough to be sitting in the Club section, you have access to veggie burritos which you can request to come vegan. It’s a great way to get all your veggies in a grilled, delicious way. You can also find edamame and some other vegan Asian choices. You can learn more about what the park has to offer by checking out this list of in-park concessions.

So, now that you’ve got some ideas of how to fill your stomach without eating animal products, you can relax and enjoy yourself at Petco Park.

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