The Ultimate Diamondbacks Tickets Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for Arizona Diamondbacks tickets that will give you the most bang for your buck, there are many things to consider. With this seating guide, you can take a look at all your options, with a close examination of the pros and cons in each section to help you find the best seats for your next game.

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The Arizona Diamondbacks play in Chase Field. With a capacity of more than 48,000, this field has seats to suit nearly any fan. The hallmark feature of this field is the retractable roof, which gives fans a comfortable indoor atmosphere no matter what the weather. This was the first MLB stadium to feature a pool. The Pool is just 415 feet from home plate.


The Diamondbacks bleachers span sections 101 to 105 and 139 to 144. Situated on both sides of the outfield wall, these seats offer a relatively unobstructed view, if from an inconvenient direction. The section begins at ground level so you can get right down by the grass, but you’re still sitting a far piece from the action at home plate.

On the up side, you have a chance of catching a home run ball here, particularly if you show up early for batting practice. These seats are the most budget friendly option in Chase Field, making them a great choice for fans who want an affordable ball game.

Bullpen Reserve

You’ll find the bullpen reserve on either side of the bleachers, in sections 136 to 138 in left field and sections 108 to 106 in right field. A few seats in sections 138 and 108 begin on the field. Most seats in the bullpen reserve are situated, as expected, by the bullpen. If you get a kick out of watching the action in this area, these budget tickets may offer the perfect experience. You won’t have a great view of home plate from here, but you can see players warming up and get a look at the action from a unique perspective.

The field level tickets in the bullpen reserve are a particularly good deal because they get you extremely close to the field without the high price tag that usually accompanies the honor.

All-You-Can-Eat Section

If ballpark food is half the fun of catching a game, the All-You-Can-Eat section is for you. These 675 seats are in sections 221 through 223. They’re available for an affordable price thanks to their less than ideal view. However, the perks of sitting in this area are substantial. Fans here enjoy unlimited ballpark food including popcorn, hot dogs, peanuts, chips, bottled water and soda. Snacks and beverages are free in this sections from the stadium opening until the start of the seventh inning.

If you don’t mind sitting in the corner outfield, these seats are a great deal. Come hungry and you can easily pack away more than enough goodies to make your tickets pay for themselves in the form of concessions alone. If you want to indulge in classic stadium fare without ruining your budget, this is the best option for your next Diamondbacks game.

Baseline Reserve

The baseline reserve seats are in sections 133 to 135 and 109 to 111. These seats are closer to home plate than the previous sections, but sit at an unusual angle, making it difficult to get a good view of the game. If you choose seats in this area, try for those near the front of the section or along the aisles facing infield.

Baseline Box

The baseline box seats are similar to the baseline reserve section, though they’re a bit closer to home plate, inching in toward the edge of the infield. These seats are in sections 130 to 132 and 112 to 114. Sections 112 and 132 extend all the way down to the field, while the other sections in this area have base reserve and base box seats in front of them. As with the baseline reserve seats, these are angled steeply toward center field, making it difficult to get a good view without craning your neck.

Base Box and Base Reserve

The first base box seats are in sections A and B while the third base box seats are found in sections R and S. These small sections have a limited number of seats, so it’s often difficult to snag tickets. You’re close enough to the action to feel like you’re really in the middle of it all with these seats. Foul balls and flying bats are a rare but potential threat in this area.

Base reserve seats are just behind the base boxes. First base reserve seats are in sections 113 and 114 and the third base reserve seats are in sections 130 and 131. Though slightly closer to the field, the price difference for these seats is somewhat off-putting when you can get a similar view in nearby sections for less.

If you have tickets for seats in these sections, you have one of the best chances of getting an autograph. Show up anywhere from 2 hours to 40 minutes before the top of the first.

Dugout Boxes

Dugout boxes on the visitors side are in sections C, D, E, and F. Dugout boxes for the home team are in sections N, O, P, and Q. If you can score seats at the front of the dugout, your view is nearly as good as the players’. If you’re stuck with seats at the back of the section, however, you won’t get nearly as much entertainment for your money. In these cases, it’s often a better deal to opt for the infield box just behind you for a better price.

Home Plate Box

Home plate box seats are located in sections G, H, I, J, K, L, and M. These seats offer some of the best views in the ballpark. Though you’re not quite as close as the dugout boxes, you can score a seat right behind home plate. Again, if you’re at the back of the section you may want to save some money and opt for the next section back.

Infield Box

The infield box spans from section 115 to 129. Section 122 is directly behind home plate. These seats are by far one of the best values in Chase Field. You’ll enjoy a great view of the game at a price that’s marginally better than the dugout boxes and home plate boxes in front of you. The closer you can get to the front of the section, the better the deal.

Club Level

Club level seats span the majority of the 200s sections. Club reserve seats are found in sections 220 to 215, 200 to 205, and 210 A and B. Club box seats are in sections 214 to 211, 209 to 206, and 210 C and D. Sections 210 E, F, G, H, and I are club terrace seats. A ticket for any of these seats will give you access to the exclusive concourses and concessions on the 200 level.

The club box sections between 208 and 213 are your best options. You’ll get a great view at a manageable price. Club terrace and club box seats offer slightly better views than the club reserve options.


Diamondbacks MVP boxes are in sections 310 through 322. These boxes sit directly in front of infield reserve seats, so your view isn’t very different from the fans behind you. At the back of the box, you may feel that you’re paying too much for the box when you could get a similar vantage point for less in the section just behind. At the front of the box, however, you’ll enjoy an unobstructed look at the field that’s worth the premium.

If the roof is open, you’ll also enjoy a view of the Arizona desert beyond Chase field, which is an unexpected bonus. Unfortunately, the roof is usually closed, putting a slew of ads in the way of this picturesque scene.

Infield Reserve

The infield reserve seats span from section 305 to 327. Section 316 is right behind home plate, so the closer you can get to these seats, the better your view will be. Sections 310 to 322 are just behind the MVP boxes. If you can score a seat near the front of these sections, you have the next best thing to the box.

Outfield Reserve

Outfield reserve seats are in sections 300 to 304 and 328 to 332. Even at the closest, these seats sit above the edge of the infield dirt. Expect a poor view of the game, but a convenient price. If you’re simply looking to get into the stadium and enjoy the atmosphere from afar, this is your best bet. If you really want to see the action, however, these seats aren’t your best choice.

If you’re looking to score some great tickets for an Arizona Diamondbacks game, you have several options to consider. With something available in nearly every price range, you can add an afternoon at Chase Field to your schedule nearly any time.

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