Rockies Tickets Guide: Best Food at Coors Field

If your group of friends is looking for an exciting and delicious way to spend an afternoon in Denver, get yourself some Colorado Rockies tickets and head on down to Coors Field. Here you’ll find food pleasing to every taste, as well as a few surprising local favorites. If you’ve got the munchies in the mile-high city, try one of these fantastic food options at Coors Field.

Number 17 Burger Shack


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Number 17 Burger Shack is a nifty little stand that usually has a big line for its headlining dish—the Helton Burger. Named after the Rockies’ great Todd Helton, the Helton Burger is a thick slab of beef topped with a sauce with onions, pickles, and other secret ingredients placed in a bun that’s supposedly a mixture of challah and brioche. You can also stock up on other filling foods here, such as shakes, onion rings, and fries. Stop by section 153 to try it out for yourself.

The Grille in Section 144

If you’re not adverse to some foul balls, head to the Grille in section 144 and try the most legendary Colorado dish of all time, Rocky Mountain Oysters. Also known as “huevos del toro,” “cowboy caviar” and “swinging beef,” Rocky Mountain Oysters are thin slices of bull testicle coated in flour and spices and then fried to a crispy golden brown. “It’s not our top seller, but it’s been on the menu for 19 years,” said Richard Hesse, the Aramark regional director who oversees Coors Field’s concession options.

Famous Dave’s BBQ

A trip to the Rocky Mountains would not be complete without some good ol’ fashioned barbecue, and Famous Dave’s BBQ stand hits the spot. Try some of their award-winning baby back or St. Louis-style ribs or enjoy a delicious barbecue pulled chicken sandwich. If you’re looking for something with a bit of a kick, the Devil’s Spit brisket is the way to go, featuring toppings such as melted pepper-Jack cheese, jalapeño bacon, and Hell-Fire pickles.

Xtreme Dog

Whenever you take out the first ‘e’ in ‘extreme,’ you know you’re about to have a good time. Head on over to sections 130, 144, 243 or 331 to Xtreme Dog if you’re looking for interesting takes on a ballpark classic. Very few places on Earth have the hotdog options you find at Xtreme Dog. You could have the Denver Dog topped with fresh jalapeños, shredded cheddar and green chili, the Rockies Bacon Blue Dog with blue cheese crumbles, bacon, red onion, and blue cheese dressing, or a handful of other equally interesting and appetizing variations.

Wok in the Park

The name says it all: wok, wok, and more wok. Wok in the Park is full of fun Asian options like chicken noodle bowls, veggie noodle bowls, egg rolls, and more. Served hot, these dishes really hit the spot on those cold days in the mild-high city.

Coors Field is a treasure trove of creative and tasty food options. Ballpark food is just as much an experience as the game itself, and Coors Field does not disappoint.

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