Braves Tickets Guide – Best Beers at Turner Field

If you want to enjoy a taste of the South while watching a great game of baseball, get some Braves tickets and head over to Turner Field in Atlanta. The Ted won’t be around much longer (it’ll be demolished sometime after 2016 when the Braves’ lease is up), so be sure to get down there soon and experience a game with one of these great beers at this iconic ballpark before it’s gone.

Red Brick


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For a taste of the local ATL, try a tall glass of anything by Red Brick Brewing, a hometown brewery who has been concocting crafts since 1993. The brewers at Red Brick are no-nonsense folks who embrace their southern roots with pride. Their Brown Ale is a prime choice during a baseball game, offering a smooth taste with the scents of sweet malt, caramel, and almond provided by Apollo and Willamette hops. The Brown Ale goes especially well with grilled meats.



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SweetWater Brewing Company is one of the most recognizable names when it comes to Atlanta-based beer companies. Since 1997, they’ve been brewing their famous line of beers, including their iconic India Pale Ale. Their IPA has an “intense hop character” brewed via a strenuous dry-hopping procedure. The SweetWater IPA combines Chinook, Cascade, Columbus, Simcoe, and U.S. Golding hops with 2-Row, Munich, Wheat and 70/80 grains. Best of all, the brew is completely unfiltered, meaning its chock-full of natural flavors and ingredients.

Blue Moon


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One of the world’s most popular Belgian Whites is readily available throughout Turner Field. Brewed by Blue Moon Brewing Company, their Belgian-style Wheat Ale uses Valencia orange peel combined with oats and wheat. These combination of flavors give the company’s flagship craft the creamy finish that it’s known for. This unfiltered Belgian white feels right at home during games during a balmy Atlanta Summer or chilly winter game.



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Another great beer from across the pond that found its way to Turner Field is Guinness, a famous centuries-old Irish beer that calls Dublin home. The brewers used malted barley, female hops. However, what may be the most interesting ingredient is the water—Guinness uses fresh water from the springs in the nearby Wicklow Mountains. Even the yeast has a bit of history behind it, coming from a strain that can trace its roots all the way back to the mid-18th century days of Guinness mastermind, Arthur Guinness.

Tomahawk Amber Ale

Anheuser-Busch, the same beer family behind Budweiser, produced an exclusive field just for Turner Field—Tomahawk Amber Ale. Using all-natural ingredients, the beer has plenty of caramel flavor from its malts and a modest amber shade that hints at its smooth texture. Fans praise the beer for its smoothness, drinkability, and light carbonation, almost to the point that some thought it was a nitrogenated brew.

Fine beers have become as much of a staple of America’s favorite pastime as peanut and crackerjacks. Of course, if you hope to imbibe during the game, be sure to drink responsibly.

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