The Ultimate Braves Tickets Buyer’s Guide

Atlanta Braves tickets open up to the home, home of the Braves where Hank Aaron and Eddie Matthews have played. Turner Field has been the home field of the Atlanta Braves since 1997. Turner Field has the old-school charm of a classic American ballpark with all the modern amenities you could imagine. The famed ballpark can hold up to a whopping 50,096 guests. The historic field once hosted the 1996 Summer Olympics. Now it’s one of the best places to watch a good old-fashioned ballgame.

There are so many seats and luxury seating areas to score at Turner Field; it’s hard to strike out with the wrong view. Whether you choose a luxury suite for your business or friends – complete with amenities – or an economy seat surrounded by fans, there’s something to see from every angle. What you choose will depend on what part of the action you want to get in on. Use the Turner Field Interactive Seating Map to find your favorite spot. This detailed guide will provide context for each area, including the views. You’ll also learn what about the amenities available nearby.

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Levels for Viewing

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There are four main viewing levels or concourses, each with different seating sections. From field level and up, the viewing sections are as follows:

  • Field Level – Field views, as well as Terrace Outfield and Outfield Pavilion sections.
  • Terrace Level – Terrace Infield seating. Also includes Terrace Reserved and Terrace View seating.
  • Club Level – Club Infield, Club Reserved, and Club View seating.
  • Upper Level – Upper Box seating.

Below is an in-depth breakdown of each seating area and the associated game views and amenities.

Georgia’s Own Credit Union Club

The Georgia’s Own Credit Union Club (GOCUC) is a private section that can accommodate up to 80 guests. The club provides an excellent view of home plate and 1st base action. The section includes first-rate amenities and premium parking.

GOCUC is located on the Club Level near sections 307 through 309, just below the Upper Box section. In addition to the included amenities, fans will find Turner Treats close by. Women’s restrooms are located in section 307 just outside the suite; men’s are located in section 315.

SunTrust Club

The SunTrust Club is a premium suite that can accommodate up to 100 people. Unlike the GOCUC, The SunTrust Club is located underground and directly behind home base. The SunTrust Club is located between sections 110 through 109 on the Field Level. The club has its own entrance on the corner of Bill Lucas and Pollard Blvd. The SunTrust Club also features tables, as well as a fully stocked bar and full-service food selection. The Club has its flat screen televisions and its own restrooms, so there’s no need for guests to ever leave this luxury suite.

Dugout Section

The Dugout features superior front row seating where fans can line up right behind their team. You’ll be so close to the action that you may even catch a foul ball. The Dugout sections are on the Field Level. Specifically, the Braves Dugout is located within sections 105 to 115.

Club Infield and Club Reserved

Club Infield seating is located on either side of the Press Box, each featuring prime views of all the infield action. Fans in sections 309 to 315 will have excellent views of 1st base, while those in sections 308 to 316 will see all the home base slides.

Club Reserved sections are located just to the right and left of the Club Infield seating in sections 317 to 321 and 318 to 324, respectively. Fans in these sections will see a bit of it all since it’s just shy of the field views.

Both the Club Infield and Club Reserved sections are located on the Club Level. Find worldly food selections such as La Taqueria (section 321) and Italian Market (section 318).

Terrace Infield and Terrace Outfield

The Terrace Infield is one of the larger sections in the park. As it suggests, the seats offer great views of the infield. Sections 201 and 202 are directly behind home plate; sections 217 and 218 offer views of the 1st and 3rd plates, respectively.

The Terrace Outfield is an economical seating option that offers the outfield view that its name suggests. All outfield-seating options are located in sections 330 through 400.

Both the Terrace Infield and Outfield sections are located on the Terrace Level. Guest will find fan-favorite concessions such as All-Star Lineup (section 239) and Dug-Out Diner (Section 216), as well as other great food and drink stands.

Field Reserved and Field View

Field Reserved seating is located on either side of the Dugout sections. The seats are close enough infield to see all the base line excitement. The Field Reserved sections are located on the Field Level and include sections 117 through 122.

The Field View section is just sections away from the outfield, but it still keeps fans in the thick of it. Guests in Field View seats will have a great look at homerun balls as they fly across the park. Field View seating is available in sections 123, 124, 125, 126, and 129, on either side of the stadium.

Restrooms are conveniently located throughout the Field Level. In the Field sections, fans have awesome access to food and beverage concessions such as Taco Mac Tavern (120).

Terrace Reserved and Terrace View

Terrace Reserved seating is just outside of the infield, but it still has fan-favorite views of the left and right field base line. Sections 219 and 220 have the best views of base runs.

The Terrace View section is on the outskirts of the Terrace Reserved, just before outfield seating. Fans will find that sections 223 and 224 get them closer to the action.

The Terrace Reserved and Terrace View sections are located on the Terrace Level. All sections have easy access to outstanding eateries such as Peachtree Street Pizza (section 223) and bars such as Camarena Tequila Bar (220). Restrooms are situated throughout the Terrace Level.

Club Pavilion and Club View

Club Pavilion and Club View are on either side of the outfield; however, the Club Pavilion section starts slightly infield, with the closest views in sections 321, 323, and 325. Do consider that both Club Pavilion and Club View seating is located on the Club Level, so it’s a bit higher up.

Fans will still find all concessions and other amenities nearby. First Base Bar (section 331) and Delta Sky 360 Lounge Bar (section 360) are just two of the popular spots for drinks. Guests can also get grub at the Italian Market (331).

Outfield Pavilion

The Outfield Pavilion is another economical seating option, and it still has a great view since it’s located on the Field Level. Fans can choose from left or right field seating in sections 132 through 151, with some of the best views in sections 149 and 147.

These sections, as well as 143, 145, and 151 are conveniently located just below The Braves Chop House Restaurant, which features a full dining area and bar on the Terrace Level. Restrooms are available nearby in sections 139 (women’s) and 143 (men’s).

Upper Box

Upper Box seats are an affordable way to watch the game. Upper Box seating options are the highest available. In the Upper Box section you’ll find sweeping skyline views as well as round the infield viewing options between sections 415 through 416. Find behind-the-plate views in sections 401 and 402.

Restrooms are conveniently located throughout the Upper Level in sections 401 through 437. Fans will also find concessions such as Batter Up (section 403), Dugout Diner (Section 420 and 433), and Top Dog Express (section 421).

Elevators & Escalators

Fans will find five elevator and two escalators at Turner Park. The elevators are located throughout. Find the escalators conveniently located at Pollard Blvd. and Hank Aaron Drive. The escalators provide access to the Terrace, Club, and Upper Levels.

Lost and Found

Lost your keys or maybe your kid? Don’t lose your mind too. Once you’ve found your seat, The Lost and Found will help you find the rest. The Guest Relations staff will handle all your questions and concerns at Aisle 146 of the Upper Level (sections 420 and 435).

Entering and Exiting the Park

Guest may enter and exit through any gate. Keep in mind, no re-entry is admitted at Turner Park – once you leave, you’re out. There are nine entrances, but six main gates. The main gate locations are as follows:

  • Main Plaza Gates – across from RDA Blvd.
  • Guest Relations Gate – on the East side of Monument Grove
  • Museum Gate – on the West side of Monument Grove
  • Northwest Gate – on the corner of RDA Blvd. and Pollard Blvd.
  • Northeast Gate – on the corner of RDA Blvd. and Hank Aaron Drive
  • SW/Media Gate – on the corner of Pollard Blvd. and Bill Lucas Drive

It’s time to graduate from the little leagues of Turner Park seating. Now that you’re familiar with what the Atlanta Braves have to offer for a home game, it’s time to choose your view. This handy guide is your line drive straight to the best seats in the house. Which seat will you choose?

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