Angels Tickets Guide – Best Beers at Angel Stadium

Once you have your Angels tickets, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to enjoy the game. Beer often tops the list of things that come to mind when trying to enjoy a ball game. However, what can you find at the arena? Here we cover the beers at Angel Stadium so you can think ahead of time about how you’re going to quench your thirst. Check it out.



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Getting this beer on tap provides a completely different experience than what you’re used to out of the bottle. Forget that idea that Budweiser offers a bland, watered down taste. At the bars in Angel Stadium, you’ll find Budweiser to come out tasting delicious, smooth and bold. It offers a sweet, malty flavor with a pleasing after taste that usually only comes from barrel-aged drinks. You can probably trick your friends into thinking it’s a microbrew when you give them a taste without telling them it’s Bud.

Coors Light

A simple beer for the light drinker. It’s hard to find a clearer beer than this. Big carbonation bubbles help remind you it’s a beer. You’ll taste distinct notes of sourdough bread, yeast, and a little bit of malt. You won’t taste much hops in this beer. It’s got a bitter taste to it with some essence of a lager. If you want an easy-to-drink beer, you’ve found it here.


This very light, yellow beer has fluffy bubbles that last long after you pour it out. It’s got a slightly grassy smell with a bit of orange peel. When the beer first hits your lips, you notice a slight cracker-like taste. The beer has a slightly sweet taste, very light and alive with carbonation. It has a thin, watery body much like Coors light, but with a tad more flavor. It’s certainly a crisp, refreshing beer. You’ll definitely notice the corn sweetness in the flavor. The hop bitters mixed with a slight hint of spice leave a dry finish.

Amarillo Pale Ale

It’s hard to find a pale ale more delicious than this. This hop heavy beer makes it’s hoppiness known as soon as you taste it. It has a bold, hazy-golden color to it and a white head with a great lacing left behind. It smells of hops before you even let the beer hit your mouth. You’ll also notice some leafiness and lemon in your nose. The flavor almost tastes garlicky, with a bread and malt flavored foundation. You’ll still notice the hop domination and love the bitter finish. Even with all this flavor, it’s one of the most drinkable beers out there.

Noble IPA

As it’s poured, you’ll notice the golden-yellow body of this hoppy, but not too hoppy beverage. It’s not as hoppy as their pale ale, but rather replaces those extra hops with some pine and citrus flavors, like many IPAs do. The taste leaves you with a floral finish, and you’ll notice a bit of rosemary. The sharp carbonation helps the flavors resonate for a minute or two after consumption. This complex drink certainly tastes well-balanced.

No matter what beer you choose, you can rest in the fact that Angel Stadium’s beer costs less per ounce than any other stadium in the country.

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