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The Best Sports To Watch During A First Date

For some, the beginning of the year is a time to start fresh; to forget the woes of the previous year and to embark on a new journey to find out who they are.  For others, there is only one thing on the mind:  love.  As much as we have tried to forget, deny, or otherwise rebel against the idea, the season of love is upon us.  But the age of ‘dinner and a movie’ are no more!  We live in a world where the ‘norm’ is no longer enough; where idle conversation and mushy rom-coms just don’t make the cut.  We want to be where the rise and fall of emotions shine bright against the blood, sweat, and tears of two enemies vying for the right to call themselves the victor; where friendships are sealed and relationships are tested.   There is only one place this type of passion can be attained, and it isn’t in a dimly lit movie theater.  I’m talking about, of course, the spectacle that is live sporting events.

So you have met the girl or boy and now it is game-time, quite literally.  But which sport best matches your tastes and ideas of compatibility?  Try to keep up as some of the most popular sporting events are broken down to help you decide how you’ll be spending your first date with your new found love interest.

Horse Racing – Love Level: Timid

The reason I have added horse racing to this list is because, other than having a huge fan base with extreme ups and downs, it is one of the best places to spend an entire afternoon getting to know someone.  There is a lot of downtime so you and your date can enjoy each other’s company over a few drinks or you can stroll around the track with no pressure of having anything interesting to talk about because what’s not to love about horses?  You are able to experience both victory and defeat in the same day but most importantly you are experiencing it together.  After a day at the track you will feel fulfilled and entertained all within a no-pressure environment learning about this new person that has stumbled into your life.

Basketball – Love Level: Safe

Let’s face it, whether you’re a home-body that enjoys staying in and watching movies, or an adrenaline junky who always pushes yourself to the extreme, anyone can have a great time watching abnormally tall people perform feats of athleticism that the average person could not possibly dream of performing.  Because of this, you can’t go wrong inviting your date to a basketball game, especially when you save on NBA Tickets via ScoreBig!

Baseball – Love Level: Brave

Is there anything better than enjoying a cold beverage in the hot summer sun while watching your favorite baseball team?  Well, if you are enjoying it on a first date with someone you haven’t met before you might run into some problems.  You see, baseball fans are just what the word implies, “fanatic”.  As good as a day at the ballpark sounds, if you find out your date has a personal vendetta against your favorite team, things could turn ugly quick.  Thankfully, the beverages flow freely and there is plenty of time to connect with your date between innings and maybe you’ll catch a foul ball to help seal your romance.  Or, you know, walk with your head hung in shame as your date heckles you for your team losing.

Football – Love Level: Insane

Are you the type of person who likes to wear a helmet on your head with two straws coming out of the top while wearing no shirt with a huge letter “O” painted on your chest?  If you answered ‘no’ then you are probably not alone.  Or, maybe you are and that’s why your date left you to ‘go to the bathroom’ in the middle of the first quarter and you haven’t seen them since.  Either way, NFL Tickets could be a great first date idea.

Hockey – Love Level: Keeper

I can say with confidence that you are not going to find another live sport that is more violent, fast-paced, and exciting as watching a hockey game in person.  If you are a sports fanatic and want your date to have a memorable experience of your first date together, hockey is most definitely the option for you.  Keep an eye on your date and if you see a pleasant smirk form across their lips while a player’s face is brutally slammed up against the glass right in front of where you are sitting, put a ring on it.

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Written by ScoreBig’s Nathan Hills

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