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As soon as you enter Angel Stadium, you can feel the history behind it. What once used to provide a home for multiple sports, including the Rams of the NFL, now has been designed to solely support the game of baseball. That’s how it got its name in 2003; Angel stadium from then on would provide a home for the Los Angeles Angels and no one else. With its considerable size, those who’ve never been there might find it tricky to navigate. This guide will help anybody hoping to visit the stadium not miss a thing.

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Before you decide where to sit, you may want to know the rules at Angel Stadium. Bags entering the arena can’t exceed 16″ by 16″ by 8″. If bags meet these measures, security will still need to search them before allowed in. They don’t allow hard-sided coolers. Don’t plan on bringing any drinks in the stadium other than water.


You might want to get a good idea of how the tickets at Angel stadium work before you try to find your seat. First off, you should find your section. At the bottom of your ticket, you’ll see a section (a letter and three numbers) which should reveal the level you’ll find your seat and the area. The first number indicates the level (1, 2, 3, 4/5) while the other numbers tell you the area you’ll find your seat on that level.

You’ll have a row letter and a seat number also; this tells you your exact seat in the section. The lower the letter in the alphabet, the closer you’ll sit to the field. As you might expect, sometimes that means more expensive tickets. If you’re confused about the layout of the stadium seating, visit to see an overview map of the stadium. If you go to that link, you can click on any section in the map to get a photograph of the view of the field from that section.

400/500 Level

The 400 level and 500 level don’t have any difference in terms of tier. They’re actually both the same level, but the 500 level sections have been raised up slightly higher and sit further back than the 400 level sections. This allows two different levels of pricing for one tier.

The 500 level gets you the cheapest tickets of anywhere in the stadium. If you’re on a budget, these seats provide a great option. Some of them give incredible views of the field, such as sections 517 through 524, and sections 415 through 422. You get a view from right behind home plate that lets you see the entire field without having to move your head at all.

These levels, especially the side sections (such as sections 501 through 507, 534 through 540, 401 through 406, and 431 through 436), can provide you with a more relaxed experience. Of course, club suites potentially provide the most relaxed and quiet scenario, but at a higher price.

If looking for food in these levels, you’ll find the Cheesesteak Grill, Farmer John, Grandstand, Major League Dogs, Melissa’s Fresh For You, Nicky Enzo’s Pizza, Panda Express, Signature Heavenly Nachos, Sweet Spot, and Tostitos Nacho Bar.

You’ll find ATM machines in sections 403/504, 419/521, and 430/533. Guest relations sit in section 417/519. You can buy Angels merchandise in sections 409/510, 417/519 and 428/531.

300 Level

The 300 level, also known as the club level, has sections right in front of the club level suites. It’s a bit smaller than the other levels in the park, but has better service than most areas. The 300 level also provides a level close enough to have the chance of catching a fly ball, especially if you sit in sections 301 through 312, or 340 through 351.

The entire section has wider seats with comfortable padding. They have nice bathrooms in this section, and even provide in seat service. Even with all the amenities, you’ll find tickets to this section moderately priced. Since this level has the press box in it, you can’t sit directly in the middle. If you want the best view, try getting tickets in sections 313 through 322, or 330 through 339.

As for food in this level, you can find the Grandstand, Knothole Club, Melissa’s Fresh For You, and Nicky Enzo’s Pizza. You can find ATMs in sections 310 and 342. These sections also have family bathrooms. In sections 309 and 342 you can buy souvenirs.

200 Level

Directly below the club level sits the 200 level, also known as the field terrace level. Because it’s so close to the field, but still decently priced, they often end up as the most popular seats in the stadium. You feel like you’re right in the middle of all the action and close enough to the field to see everything that happens, but still immersed enough in the crowd that you don’t feel separated from the rest of the excited fans. In fact, like the 300 level, some people prefer this section regardless of pricing.

If you want to bring your family to the game, you might want to choose the 200 level. If you have kids who have never been to a game before, you’ll have seats close enough that they can truly enjoy the experience of sports. Plus, there’s a designated Family Zone (alcohol-free) in section 258. You can also find a great kid’s area in section 237, complete with games and fun activities for kids, like Halo Toss and Speed Pitch.

Because this section also needs to make way for the press box and diamond club, there’s no seats directly in the middle. However, if you want the best view, go for sections 210 through 213 and 221 through 224.

You’ll find plenty of food stands on this level, such as Chili Cheese Fries, Chronic Tacos, Clyde Wright’s Tennessee Bar-B-Que, Grandstand, Jack in the Box, Major League Deli, Major League Dogs, Melissa’s Fresh For You, Nicky Enzo’s Pizza, Panda Express, Signature Heavenly Nachos, Street Tacos, Sweet Spot, The Hot Corner, and Tostitos Nacho Bar. If you’re looking for beer, you can find it at the Corona Beach and Budweiser Patio stands.

You can find guest relations in sections 221 and 239. If you need cash, ATMs sit in sections 225, 237 and 238. Angels merchandise stores sit all throughout the field terrace level in sections 209, 225, 231, 239 and 257, as well as a New Era Cap store in section 240. You’ll find family bathrooms next to almost every section.

100 Level

There’s no closer seats than the 100 (field) level. No need for any fancy club tickets (though many club tickets are available on this level), just find a seat and enjoy the game from as close as possible. These seats belong to the people who truly love the game and just can’t get enough. The most expensive of all regular seating, these sections offer the best option available in the stadium.

If you’re hoping to catch a fly ball, go for tickets in sections 101 through 105 or 131 through 135. There’s a trade-off with seats in the 100 level, as the before mentioned sections put you on the side, making it more likely to catch a ball, but reduce your view. Sections 114 through 122 put you in the least likely spot to catch a ball, but give you some of the best views in the entire stadium.

When looking for food on this level, you’ll find Chili Cheese Fries, Chronic Tacos, Diamond Club Lounge, Garlic Fries, Goose Island, Grandstand, Nicky Enzo’s Pizza, Panini Cafe, Signature Heavenly Nachos, Sweet Spot, Tostito’s Nacho Bar, and Wetzel’s Pretzels.

You’ll find ATMs in sections 107, 112, 117, 124, and 135. There’s a first aid area in section 130 in case of any emergencies. Guest relations sit in sections 106 and 124, while security is located in section 135. You can find Angels merchandise in sections 108 and 128, as well as Angels Authentics in section 114. There’s a New Era Cap store in section 108, and a separate Team Store in section 120.

Diamond Club

Like other MLB stadiums, Angel Stadium offers diamond club seating. There are several diamond club sections located around the stadium. Each of these spaces offers full bar service and special dining.

The main Diamond Club Lounge sits on the 200 level right in the middle. An enclosed space with lots of room, you have a big dining area, as well as space for dancing. It’s an upscale area perfect for wedding receptions, auctions (live or silent), birthday or holiday parties. This lounge seats 189 inside and 122 outside.

If you’d rather sit right in the middle of the action than in the lounge, go to the Diamond Club seating. You actually sit in front of those in 100 level sections. You still receive the same amenities as if seated in the club lounge. The only difference is you’re out in the open with others, and you don’t have as much room to yourself to move around.

The Diamond Field Box sits you even closer than 100 level seats, even if just by a matter of feet. You won’t have as much room to yourself, but you’ll experience the same amenities and have the best seat in the house.

Regardless of your level of fandom or your budget, you can find an appropriate seat at Angel Stadium.

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