The Ultimate Rays Tickets Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for Tampa Bay Rays tickets in Tropicana Field, expect to have a good selection to choose from. This stadium is unique in that it features artificial turf and dirt base paths. The domed roof ensures great weather for every game, and lights up orange after a win.

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Outfield Box


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Outfield box seats are found in sections 139 through 150. The odd-numbered sections are on the third base side of the park while the even-numbered sections are on the first base side. Section 150 is next to the Ray Tank. This 10,000-gallon tank houses more than 30 cownose rays. Fans can feed and touch the rays during the game, so families with children may especially enjoy this section.

Section 149 is beside the Captain Morgan Deck, making it a convenient option for fans who don’t mind somewhat pricey drinks. If you’re sitting on the first base side, you’ll have the Rays Scoreboard above you. For a better view of the board, stick to the third base side of the park.

While the 100 level keeps you close to the field, these seats have the distinct disadvantage of being in the outfield. The Outfield Box seats are in the front half of these sections, with the Outfield Reserved section behind them.

Outfield Reserved

The Outfield Reserved seats are in the back half of sections 139 through 150. As with the Outfield Box seats, you’ll find the odd-numbered sections on the third base side of the park and even-numbered sections on the first base side.

Baseline Box

The Baseline Box seats are in sections 133 through 138. The even sections are on the first base side of the park while the odd sections are on the third base side. The Papa John’s Bullpen Box is in front of the Baseline Box on the first base side. This exclusive area can host 50 to 85 guests. 162 Landing is directly in front of the Baseline Box on the third base side. This party area, located beside the visiting bullpen, holds 75 to 136 guests.

Lower Reserved

Seats in the Lower Reserved section can land you in one of several locations. The front halves of sections 129 and 131 are next to the Baseline Box and behind 162 Landing on the third base side of the park. The back halves of these sections are found behind the walkway, with section 131 stretching around behind many of the Baseline Box seats. Sections 127, 125, and 123 in the Lower Reserved section are all behind the walkway.

On the first base side of the park, sections 132 and 130 stretch right to the field behind the bullpen. The back half of section 132 is behind the walkway. As with the third base side, this section curves around behind the Baseline Box. Section 128 and the back half of 130 are behind the walkway as well.

Lower Box

Lower Box seats in sections 124, 126, and 128 are on the first base side of the field. Sections 123, 125, and 127 are on the third base side. All six of these sections can get you relatively close to the field in the front. Though you’re still outside of the choice center sections in the stadium, you’re close enough to get a glimpse of the action. Beware of the awkward angles necessary to get a look at home plate, though.

The Lower Box also includes the odd-numbered sections from 107 to 121 on the third base side of the stadium. These sections are behind the walkway, but offer a better view as they get you behind the infield. Sections 107 through 112 are your best bet for catching a foul ball in the area.

Lower Box Preferred

The Lower Box Preferred seats are some of the best in the park. These seats are in sections 101 through 122. The numbering scheme here can get a bit confusing so you may want to check a stadium map before you lock in your tickets.

Sections 101 and 102 are right next to each other in the center of the stadium. From here, the numbers increase until you get to sections 121 and 122 on either end of the Lower Box Preferred area. The even-numbered seats are on the first base side of the park and the odd-numbered seats are on the third base side. The lower your section number, the closer you are to home plate.

Press Level Reserved

You’ll find the Press Level Reserved section on the 200 level of the stadium. Sections 217, 219, 221, and 223 are on the third base side while sections 218, 220, 222, and 224 are on the first base side.

Press Level Box


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The Press Level Box section gets you as close as possible to the center of the stadium on the 200 level. These seats are found in sections 203 through 216 with the even sections on the first base side and odd on the third base side. Section 212 is aligned approximately with first base while 211 is aligned with third.

These seats give you the best bang for your buck. On the 200 level, you’ll enjoy significant price savings over 100 level seats, while still getting a great view of the game. The 200 level also boasts some of the cleanest restrooms, and seats toward the back may give you a peek at the replays on televisions meant for the suites.

Upper Box

The Upper Box is on the third level of the stadium and includes sections 300 to 318. Section 300 is directly in the center with even-numbered section to the right and odd-numbered sections to the left. Section 311 is approximately aligned with third base and section 312 is aligned with first base.

Upper Reserved

You’ll find upper reserved seats in sections 320 and 322 to the far right of the Upper Box area, and sections 319 and 321 to the far left. Sections 300 through 314 have Upper Reserved seats behind the Upper Box section as well.

Tbt* Party Deck

The tbt* Party Deck is a special area on the 300 level of the stadium in the outfield. This area includes odd-numbered sections from 341 through 355. The bleacher style seating and distant outfield view make these seats a poor choice for really getting into the game. If you’re looking for a cheap and laid back spot to relax and munch ballpark goodies, this area could work for you. Keep an eye out for promotional events like “All You Care to Eat” nights that can make these seats more worthwhile.

Hancock Bank Club

The exclusive Hancock Bank Club seats are located behind the walkway on the 100 level of the stadium. This entire section is on the first base side of the park in even-numbered sections from 106 through 126. The padded leather seats in this section come with several benefits, including unlimited bar service for wine, beer, and soda, an all-inclusive buffet, flat screen TVs, and in-seat service.

Hancock Bank Club 105

The Hancock Bank Club 105 section is a single box in the 105 section behind the walkway. Here you’ll enjoy all the benefits of the Hancock Bank Club section in a quieter and more private atmosphere. Kick back with in-seat beverage service and enjoy the view from a spot close to the third baseline.

Lower Infield Box

The Lower Infield Box section is a thin strip of seats from sections 101 through 120. Sandwiched between the Lower Box Preferred seats and the Fieldside Box section, this area offers a nice compromise for fans who want to splurge on a great view without getting right on the field. Sections 111 through 120 are the best for catching foul balls.

Fieldside Box

The Fieldside Box is one of the most coveted areas in the park. These seats are practically on the field at the very front of sections 109 to 126. You’ll also find Fieldside Box seats in sections 101 through 108, though these are behind the DEX Imaging Home Plate Club.

Sections 111 through 118 will put you right behind the dugout. Even sections are behind the Rays’ dugout while odd sections are behind the visitors’ dugout. Sections 110 through 126 are best for catching foul balls.

DEX Imaging Home Plate Club

The DEX Imaging Home Plate Club is home to the very best seats. Spanning the front of sections 101 through 108, these seats get you as close to the field as possible and right behind home plate. Fans in this section enjoy an all-inclusive buffet, unlimited bar service for beer, soda, and wine, and in-seat service. The seats themselves are oversized leather chairs. Though you’re unlikely to want to pry yourself out of this cozy spot, if you do decide to stretch your legs, you have access to a private dining area and the Hancock Bank Club above the walkway.

With so many choices, it’s easy to find a seat you’ll love in Tropicana Field. There’s no excuse for Rays fans to miss a home game.

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